Saturday, July 2, 2016

Have you reached Prosperity?

Prosperity is overlooked as a positive component of happiness. What makes people happy may differ from person to person. Some people view fame, wealth and material possessions as happiness. However, other people value their morality - in how they treat people - as the foundation for everlasting happiness. Prosperity coincides with all positive counterparts, where all aspects of your life finally reach a balanced state.

Prosperity is the ultimate euphoria of pleasure. It can fill your body with warmth, seducing your inner desires with such a fascinating, wonderful feeling. Prosperity can unlock doors to the most thrilling experiences imaginable. Don't fight the feeling, instead open your body, mind and soul to prosperity.

Blocking yourself from reaching prosperity can cheat your future goals, your future success, your future happiness. How many people can say they truly love their lives? Do we encounter people who praise the gift of life daily? Are people 100 percent content with their accomplishments? Wouldn't change anything? Regret their decisions or lack of action? Feel they made mistakes?

We hear cynical people complain about their shortcomings. They blame bad luck and lack of opportunity for their recurring failures. They focus on the success of others rather than invest time and energy into building their future. Too much effort is wasted on meaningless tasks. These people do whatever it takes to achieve happiness. Morality, integrity and selfless actions have no merit in their belief system. Most importantly, these people make excuses to mask their unhappiness.

If there are blocks, bulldoze them down and power through these broken barriers. Never allow anything, not even your life or the people who surround you daily, to prevent you from reaching what you desire most in this life. Why don't negative people empower their lives to make life purely satisfying? These type of people claim it is easier said than done.

However, conscious mind action can rewire the brain to overcome negative stressors that weigh down minds. Think of a negative thinking like an anchor sinking the mind. Training the mind to avoid negativity is a process that won't occur overnight. It'll take some serious dedication, discipline and determination to eliminate negative thinking.

Even under negative conditions, prosperity is achievable. It is up to the person; they ultimately control their fate. Prosperity consolidates everything that matters to in your life. Once you reach prosperity, you will notice this happiness. Prosperity can/will put you mind at ease.

Some people have higher expectations; they want more than the average person. On the flip side, other people find happiness in simple everyday pleasures. Good fortune, healthy relationships, successful career, financial stability, good education, positive state of mind, having children (if this what makes you happy), and everything else you value in a good life, may represent the essence of prosperity.

There are times you may need to take risks. Living in fear will hold you back in life. The worst feeling is to regret decisions you failed to make, or choosing to act on things that required additional time.

Prosperity is in your future. Follow what you believe you can achieve. No matter the outcome, at least you tried and won't ponder on missed opportunities. Living an unfulfilled life will inhibit your social, psychological and physical existence. Don't become those people who have regrets; they can't move past what they believe are bad decisions and mistakes. Re-evaluate your life plan to determine if your journey is moving your life forward into reaching prosperity.

Good luck! Have a safe 4th of July!

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