Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Sports Analysts Missing the Mark

Golden Warriors overcame a 3-1 deficit to beat the Oklahoma Thunder in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Even with this series win, an improbable comeback, and a 73-win season, I don't have confidence the defending champions can compete against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For the sake of this discussion, I can't stand the Warriors and their bandwagon fans. Every single time I pass by Oracle Arena, I question how in the world can a bottom feeding team become elite? Isn't this team the same exact group who the Clippers bounced out in the first round of the 2014 NBA PLayoffs?

Yes, the Los Angeles Clippers delivered the knockout blow to send Golden State Warriors packing home. However, Clippers have the worst luck with blowing a 3-1 series lead to a weak Houston Rockets team last year and lost their two best players in yet another disappointing playoff run. Sure, the Warriors would have outlasted a healthy Clippers squad in this playoffs. sports analysts are jumping on the Warriors bandwagon. They are predicting Warriors in 6 or 7 games. Are you kidding me? This is not the same hurt Cavs team from last season. Their argument: the Warriors played a tough Thunder group that gave them fits. Therefore, Cavs would not present a challenge and Warriors will cruise to another title.

Was I watching the same series? An Oklahoma Thunder team that goes under a rock in crunch time? Durant refusing to guard Curry in transition during crunch time? Missing 21 shots? Westbrook turning over the ball and not scoring a single point. A Thunder team that scored 2 points in the last 5 minutes at home in a second closeout game? Getting swept by Warriors in regular series? This Thunder group is better than the Cavs?

Are you kidding me? OKC hid under a rock the past 3 games. They had no interest beating the Warriors. Most teams would close out an important series while up 3-1, especially in the Western Conference Finals. Thunder lack crunch time experience. Their two superstars can't coexist, each taking too many bad shots and overlooking their role players as viable options. The Oklahoma Thunder don't trust their teammates, instead their superstars choose to lose these important games on their backs.

Good teams trust role players. If we took this current OKC team back in a time machine to the 90's and made them the Chicago Bulls, they wouldn't trust Steve Kerr to make a Finals' clinching shot. Rather than do this, Durant and Westbrook need the ball in their hands. Even so, their repeated mistakes cost their city a chance at multiple championships. Durant and Westbrook lack killer instinct. They fold under pressure. There is no crunch in their game. This 3-1 choke job will remind me of their magic disappearing act. I will never take the OKC Thunder serious again.

No way in Hell would I argue a win against the chokers as a guarantee to beat the Cleveland 2015-2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs, without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and using a passive coach, pushed the Warriors to 6 games. Imagine, just imagine, how the series would have turned out if James had help. Cavs would have won last year. If not for Klay Thompson, Irving would have dominated Curry. sports analysts, not all of them, believe Westbrook is a far better defender than Kyrie. Are we talking about the same Westbrook who couldn't make any shots in Game 6. The same player who snarls, showboats, and usually acts tough to intimidate opposing players/teams? Russell Westbrook is too overconfident for his own good. At times, he flashes greatness. Other times, with the series on the line, Westbrook disappears. His snarls and glares are harmless. Golden State Warriors knew this.

Let's not even get started on Kevin Durant. This superstar scorer proved he couldn't lead his team without Westbrook in the 2013 NBA playoffs. He got shutdown in the second round by the 8th seeded Memphis Grizzlies. His passiveness then, proves the same narrative now. When the moment comes to become great, Durant is not that player. He is no Kobe Bryant. He is no LeBron James. He is not even Lamar Odom on the Los Angeles Lakers championship teams. Kevin should have stopped shooting in Game 6. Despite his horrible 4th quarter in Game 6, he should have continued shooting in Game 7.

The OKC Thunder are not championship material. They can't close teams out when it counts most. Their passiveness, their disappearing act, their lack of killer instinct, show how two superstars can hurt a team. Shaq and Kobe coexisted to win titles. Durant and Westbrook lack their confidence to reach such achievements. sports analysts claim this OKC Thunder team gave Warriors a tough run. If you ask for my opinion, OKC Thunder were lucky to get a win with how poorly they played Warriors in the regular season. Time and time again, Thunder disappear in the crunch. Their entire team deserve to lose. In two consecutive games, this overrated team lost both games following terrible quarters (4th quarter in Game 6 at home and 3rd quarter in Game 7 on the road). Tale of two games will point to these dark quarters.

Cleveland Cavaliers have enough experience and firepower to beat the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. All they need is a split. Tomorrow will prove the direction of this series. Cavs may be underdogs, but their team is super healthy. Both teams are healthy. Warriors and Cavs are playing at a high level. If and when Golden State gets cold behind the arc, they will surely lose. Their one-dimensional play, boring jump shooting, dictate their success. Cavs have what it takes to dethrone the Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games.

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