Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Plagiarism? Coincidence?

At the Republican National Convention, Melanie Trump, wife of Republican nominee Donald Trump, gave a speech that stirred up plagiarism claims. This controversial speech closely resembled Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. It is obvious the speechwriters lifted exact passages to mock Michelle Obama and the Democratic Party.

By denying plagiarism, these speechwriters are likely trying to protect their so-called squeaky clean image from further criticism. In my honest opinion, the Trump Camp made a huge mistake allowing Melanie Trump to use this flawed speech. They may as well requested Melanie to read the 2008 DNC speech. Playing games like this show that criticism is condoned and that cheating is acceptable. 

Will the Melanie Trump speech affect voters during the general election? No, this speech probably won't have an impact on the voting population. However, this distasteful speech confirms the Republican National Convention is a circus full of clowns.   

The Republic Party were so divisive in accepting Donald Trump's as their party's leading nominee. They recruited former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican Party Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, to speak out against Donald Trump. His attempt to block the billionaire fell flat. 

There is no way on Earth those speechwriters wrote this speech without knowing that it mirrored Michelle's DNC speech back in 2008. They knew exactly what they were doing, poking fun at the intelligence of the American people to get a laugh.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Texting Game in Dating

Text messaging represents the standard mode of communication to contact a person you like. Unfortunately, there is anxiety in sending text messages and in receiving responses. The initiator thinks about what to write, ponders on this message, and then finally gains the courage to send their text message to the appropriate person. Then, the waiting game begins to take hold for the sender. The texting game is thriving in the dating world!

In this modern time, text messaging is likely replacing simple phone calls. People are too busy to answer phone calls. Furthermore, the dating game challenges people to make contact without knowing if there is any interest reciprocated back. We won't know if this person is at work, at an appointment, shopping and/or busy with their lives. Even if there's initial interest on the first night, the time it takes to contact this person can make or break a situation. Don't wait too long to send a text message.  

Most people would rather not appear so desperate in picking up an incoming call right away. Eagerness, willingness, or quick to draw are viewed as powerless traits. There is another way! 

Here comes text messaging! It is the most popular way to make quick contact. However, senders feel anxious waiting for responses. As time passes by, these senders watch their phones for a bubble to appear with words relevant to their original message. This is when texting someone you like gets really complicated. Did you write the wrong message? Not funny enough? Witty? Interesting? 

Another important factor is: When is the right time to reply back? Are we going to play the dating game? Or do we want to be direct and just fire back a quick, short message? Do we want the upper hand? Want to be straight to the point? 

From personal experience, sending long text messages can/will affect the outcome. Most people, unless you have interest in reading novels, don't have time to read long, drawn-out text messages. It makes the sender appear needy, too willing to do anything for this person. Maybe the text message etiquette, as it applies to dating, is to wait a certain amount of time. Play the game wisely. Why play games? Who wants to make the other personal antsy? Why not just say what you mean? 

The first thought that comes to mind is weakness. Responding within a minute after receiving a message can mean a few things: the person is showing way too much interest, they are bored, and are interested and want to convey this to the sender. On the flip side, responding within seconds of every message can show you are putting all your emotions into this one person. 

Maybe the best ratio is a one message response for every incoming message. If no answer, then wait awhile to reply back with another message. If you have to wait a few weeks, go ahead and do this. Keep yourself busy and make the other party think. Once they start worrying about why you are not responding, you regain a competitive advantage. Playing the chasing game can be empowering or dejecting. It is up to you how text messaging can factor into your dating opportunities. 

These games motivate people to find the right person so they don't have to play them. Some say it is better to be with a person they have a total connection with than to worry whether they say the wrong things to hurt their chances. 

Moments of silence on a date can spell doom. It is awkwardly uncomfortable to run out of things to say. Going to a cool place is important. Get involved with activities to keep busy. Do something fun to entertain each other. As soon as you reach your comfort level, drop your guard. If this person is right for you, it should be effortless. Keep in mind: Text messaging this person in the early stages rely on strategy. 

There are a number of ways to use text messaging to initiate a date. You can send the first message to remind this person how you met them. Hopefully, this person remembers your name and the situation. That is a good sign that you made a good first impression. If this person doesn't remember you, mention something in the message to spark their memory. Still having trouble? Don't waste your time! 

For positive responses, tell them it was cool to meet them. See if you can set up a date to hang out. Maybe ask them if they prefer a specific place they enjoy. Mention a place and time to meet. If you can't coordinate schedules, ask them what days they usually have off. You'll know if they are serious or not. Recurring excuses or flaking on you may show their initial interest in you dissipated. Move on! 

This is where text messaging can complicate the communication process. Don't write novels. Quick, direct messages are best. One message for every one message. If they don't respond, make them wait. It sucks that there is a game to text messaging a person and making contact. That is the way text messaging works in the dating world!

Want to hold a convo? Talk about things you remember the first time you met them. Spark their interest! Find out what they like. If this person is not as receptive to your messages, try another approach. Are they responding to your message without you having a way to reply back. An example of this is question/answer responses. If you write a lot and they write short messages, then there are more factors to this question. We really don't know what is taking place on their side. Give them the benefit of doubt until their flakiness is a recurring theme. Can't get a date? Move on! 

All we can do is be creative in our responses. Retain their interest. Keep it simple. Ask questions. Don't respond back so fast. If this person is interested, they will initiate a convo. Feel there is no chemistry? Awkward during convo? If you feel there is enough interest from the initial meeting, just set up a date to meet up in person. It's possible this person doesn't have time to text back and forth. Making a date may not be that easy, but being direct can/will get you an immediate answer. 

Don't fear rejection. Take a risk to increase your probability to score a cool date. At least, with text messaging, you can think before you send a message. On the phone, you may not be able to redeem yourself. Don't over-think text messages. Keep yourself busy to avoid obsessing whether they read your message and if they will respond right away.

Remember this; they have a life like you. Until you are a couple, there are no obligations to respond on either side. In relationships, couples delay their text messages. The important thing is being nice and respectful in responses can make text messaging between the initiator and responder exciting. Show confidence! 

Happy Texting! 

Have you reached Prosperity?

Prosperity is overlooked as a positive component of happiness. What makes people happy may differ from person to person. Some people view fame, wealth and material possessions as happiness. However, other people value their morality - in how they treat people - as the foundation for everlasting happiness. Prosperity coincides with all positive counterparts, where all aspects of your life finally reach a balanced state.

Prosperity is the ultimate euphoria of pleasure. It can fill your body with warmth, seducing your inner desires with such a fascinating, wonderful feeling. Prosperity can unlock doors to the most thrilling experiences imaginable. Don't fight the feeling, instead open your body, mind and soul to prosperity.

Blocking yourself from reaching prosperity can cheat your future goals, your future success, your future happiness. How many people can say they truly love their lives? Do we encounter people who praise the gift of life daily? Are people 100 percent content with their accomplishments? Wouldn't change anything? Regret their decisions or lack of action? Feel they made mistakes?

We hear cynical people complain about their shortcomings. They blame bad luck and lack of opportunity for their recurring failures. They focus on the success of others rather than invest time and energy into building their future. Too much effort is wasted on meaningless tasks. These people do whatever it takes to achieve happiness. Morality, integrity and selfless actions have no merit in their belief system. Most importantly, these people make excuses to mask their unhappiness.

If there are blocks, bulldoze them down and power through these broken barriers. Never allow anything, not even your life or the people who surround you daily, to prevent you from reaching what you desire most in this life. Why don't negative people empower their lives to make life purely satisfying? These type of people claim it is easier said than done.

However, conscious mind action can rewire the brain to overcome negative stressors that weigh down minds. Think of a negative thinking like an anchor sinking the mind. Training the mind to avoid negativity is a process that won't occur overnight. It'll take some serious dedication, discipline and determination to eliminate negative thinking.

Even under negative conditions, prosperity is achievable. It is up to the person; they ultimately control their fate. Prosperity consolidates everything that matters to in your life. Once you reach prosperity, you will notice this happiness. Prosperity can/will put you mind at ease.

Some people have higher expectations; they want more than the average person. On the flip side, other people find happiness in simple everyday pleasures. Good fortune, healthy relationships, successful career, financial stability, good education, positive state of mind, having children (if this what makes you happy), and everything else you value in a good life, may represent the essence of prosperity.

There are times you may need to take risks. Living in fear will hold you back in life. The worst feeling is to regret decisions you failed to make, or choosing to act on things that required additional time.

Prosperity is in your future. Follow what you believe you can achieve. No matter the outcome, at least you tried and won't ponder on missed opportunities. Living an unfulfilled life will inhibit your social, psychological and physical existence. Don't become those people who have regrets; they can't move past what they believe are bad decisions and mistakes. Re-evaluate your life plan to determine if your journey is moving your life forward into reaching prosperity.

Good luck! Have a safe 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Sports Analysts Missing the Mark

Golden Warriors overcame a 3-1 deficit to beat the Oklahoma Thunder in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Even with this series win, an improbable comeback, and a 73-win season, I don't have confidence the defending champions can compete against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For the sake of this discussion, I can't stand the Warriors and their bandwagon fans. Every single time I pass by Oracle Arena, I question how in the world can a bottom feeding team become elite? Isn't this team the same exact group who the Clippers bounced out in the first round of the 2014 NBA PLayoffs?

Yes, the Los Angeles Clippers delivered the knockout blow to send Golden State Warriors packing home. However, Clippers have the worst luck with blowing a 3-1 series lead to a weak Houston Rockets team last year and lost their two best players in yet another disappointing playoff run. Sure, the Warriors would have outlasted a healthy Clippers squad in this playoffs. sports analysts are jumping on the Warriors bandwagon. They are predicting Warriors in 6 or 7 games. Are you kidding me? This is not the same hurt Cavs team from last season. Their argument: the Warriors played a tough Thunder group that gave them fits. Therefore, Cavs would not present a challenge and Warriors will cruise to another title.

Was I watching the same series? An Oklahoma Thunder team that goes under a rock in crunch time? Durant refusing to guard Curry in transition during crunch time? Missing 21 shots? Westbrook turning over the ball and not scoring a single point. A Thunder team that scored 2 points in the last 5 minutes at home in a second closeout game? Getting swept by Warriors in regular series? This Thunder group is better than the Cavs?

Are you kidding me? OKC hid under a rock the past 3 games. They had no interest beating the Warriors. Most teams would close out an important series while up 3-1, especially in the Western Conference Finals. Thunder lack crunch time experience. Their two superstars can't coexist, each taking too many bad shots and overlooking their role players as viable options. The Oklahoma Thunder don't trust their teammates, instead their superstars choose to lose these important games on their backs.

Good teams trust role players. If we took this current OKC team back in a time machine to the 90's and made them the Chicago Bulls, they wouldn't trust Steve Kerr to make a Finals' clinching shot. Rather than do this, Durant and Westbrook need the ball in their hands. Even so, their repeated mistakes cost their city a chance at multiple championships. Durant and Westbrook lack killer instinct. They fold under pressure. There is no crunch in their game. This 3-1 choke job will remind me of their magic disappearing act. I will never take the OKC Thunder serious again.

No way in Hell would I argue a win against the chokers as a guarantee to beat the Cleveland 2015-2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs, without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and using a passive coach, pushed the Warriors to 6 games. Imagine, just imagine, how the series would have turned out if James had help. Cavs would have won last year. If not for Klay Thompson, Irving would have dominated Curry. sports analysts, not all of them, believe Westbrook is a far better defender than Kyrie. Are we talking about the same Westbrook who couldn't make any shots in Game 6. The same player who snarls, showboats, and usually acts tough to intimidate opposing players/teams? Russell Westbrook is too overconfident for his own good. At times, he flashes greatness. Other times, with the series on the line, Westbrook disappears. His snarls and glares are harmless. Golden State Warriors knew this.

Let's not even get started on Kevin Durant. This superstar scorer proved he couldn't lead his team without Westbrook in the 2013 NBA playoffs. He got shutdown in the second round by the 8th seeded Memphis Grizzlies. His passiveness then, proves the same narrative now. When the moment comes to become great, Durant is not that player. He is no Kobe Bryant. He is no LeBron James. He is not even Lamar Odom on the Los Angeles Lakers championship teams. Kevin should have stopped shooting in Game 6. Despite his horrible 4th quarter in Game 6, he should have continued shooting in Game 7.

The OKC Thunder are not championship material. They can't close teams out when it counts most. Their passiveness, their disappearing act, their lack of killer instinct, show how two superstars can hurt a team. Shaq and Kobe coexisted to win titles. Durant and Westbrook lack their confidence to reach such achievements. sports analysts claim this OKC Thunder team gave Warriors a tough run. If you ask for my opinion, OKC Thunder were lucky to get a win with how poorly they played Warriors in the regular season. Time and time again, Thunder disappear in the crunch. Their entire team deserve to lose. In two consecutive games, this overrated team lost both games following terrible quarters (4th quarter in Game 6 at home and 3rd quarter in Game 7 on the road). Tale of two games will point to these dark quarters.

Cleveland Cavaliers have enough experience and firepower to beat the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. All they need is a split. Tomorrow will prove the direction of this series. Cavs may be underdogs, but their team is super healthy. Both teams are healthy. Warriors and Cavs are playing at a high level. If and when Golden State gets cold behind the arc, they will surely lose. Their one-dimensional play, boring jump shooting, dictate their success. Cavs have what it takes to dethrone the Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas: Leather Gloves, Designer Gloves, and Cashmere Gloves

Every Christmas, shoppers rush out to purchase presents for their family, friends, and for co-workers. Designer gloves, leather gloves, Italian leather gloves, and cashmere gloves make a great Christmas gift.

Christmas is quickly approaching.  Soon family, friends, and co-workers will open their Christmas gifts. Do you want to find a great gift that will have many uses in the future? Italian leather gloves, leather gloves, cashmere gloves, and designer gloves will always make quality gift.

Designer gloves has the tendency to compliment mostly any outfit. A person who likes to wear leather jackets may look to Italian leather gloves, and or  leather gloves with cashmere trimming. There are many styles to choose from, which make Italian leather gloves and leather gloves a popular choice during the Christmas shopping season.

Most women that wear pea coats, fleet coats, and designer coats may want designer gloves from Vera Wang, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and other well-known designers. Cashmere gloves also offer a unique feel, as well as a trendy look. Cashmere gloves will keep fingers warm. Most women living in a large city such as New York City will find Cashmere gloves as a perfect compliment to their wardrobe. You can't go wrong with a nice pair of cashmere gloves.

Whle designer gloves and wallets may seem like the easiest Christmas gifts to give as a Christmas gift, they are also the most useful gift that will last well into the future. Browse the inventory on the front page to compare and save on designer gloves, Italian leather gloves, leather gloves, and cashmere gloves. Have fun on your finding the perfect designer gloves.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

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