Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a serious Losing Streak

Publication Date: 2010

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a 4 game losing streak. Their streak will surely end tonight. The NBA's worst team is coming into town. Sacramento Kings have played the most uninspiring basketball the past 13 games.

The Los Angeles Lakers started off the season on a high note. Their teamwork ethics proved that champions have the swagger to make it past the best teams. What I noticed about great teams is that they need to lose games to become better. Why? Championship teams must go through struggles to increase their intensity because they learn what it takes to overcome adversity while playing against the best teams. The Lakers are lucky that Sacramento is rolling into town with one of the worst records in the NBA. Now the Lakers can end their losing streak, and work on putting up more wins. 

The Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Lakers used to compete in games that electrified the crowd. They had a rivalry that compared to the Boston Celtics of old. Now all I see is a bunch of overpaid bums running the Kings show. There is no energy on that team, especially after the Kings played well enough to win games last year. I refuse to  invest one minute of time watching the Kings play. The Kings seem to lose every game with no determination to win the next game. Giving up is easy. The Kings do it best.

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to end their 4-game losing streak. I'm confident the Lakers will end their losing streak tonight against the Sacramento Kings. The Kings are a terrible team with no desire to win. They started the season off with 3-1 record, but then they immediately fell fllat on their faces. It's hard to believe that Kings fans have to endure a pathetic group of crappy players. Tyreke Evans looks the complete opposite of his Rookie of the Year demeanor last season.

The Los Angeles Lakers will run all over the Kings. The Kings haven't beaten the Lakers since Artest was a member of the team. The long drought will continue on with no end in sight. Last Christmas I watched an entertaining game against the two rivals at Arco Arena. I don't expect much from the Kings this year. Ever since Kevin Martin was traded away, the Kings lost their mojo, and accepted passiveness as their new team theme. The only thing the Kings are good at is losing games, and do they do it well. The Los Angeles Lakers will beat up the Sacramento Kings to end their 4-game losing streak.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

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