Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sacramento Kings are a disaster

Publication date: 2010

The Sacramento Kings are looking for like the worst team in the NBA. The 18 point defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Clipper shows that Sacramento has a long way to go to become good again.

Sacramento Kings are the opposite of great. When watching the Kings play, there's nothing to be excited about. What was once a great organization are now the clowns of the NBA. Maybe the Kings should change their name to the Sacramento Jesters.

It seems that every time the Kings step on the court, they have no will to win. The 2009-2010 team had something to prove, but then they looked like a train wreck the remainder of the season. The move that destroyed the Kings was allowing Bonzi Wells to leave. While John Salmons was a good player, he was not impressive. Wells played tough enough against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs.
Kevin Martin played inspiring ball off the bench. He was a scoring machine that could carve out 40+ points without breaking a sweat. Ron Artest motivated the Kings to play at a high caliber. What happened to the Kings?

The Kings organization accepted a bunch of unproven, overpaid bums to run the show. It's not easy to be patient, especially when the San Francisco Giants claimed their first championship in San Francisco era. The Sacramento Kings reached the top of their game in the early 00's, but they failed to take the next step to greatness. The 2001-2002 Kings were good enough to win the title. Instead, the Kings let the Lakers mentally beat them.

When Artest was traded to the Kings, he brought with him a swagger to win. He turned the Kings into a tough team. The Kings competed against the best, maintaining a winning streak at home, and also making the basketball world take notice of their finesse play. Rick Adelman knew how to coach the Kings. He had the pieces to win. All the Kings had to do is go after one more player, but that player ended up going to the Lakers (i.e. Pau Gausol).

The Kings organization pulled the plug too early. They traded away all their pieces; they accepted an unimpressive team. Tyreke Evans is a good player, but he's not a great player. Great players motivate their teams to win. However, Evans did manage to display a great demeanor last year. Because of his play, the Kings competed against the best NBA teams, almost beating Lakers at home in a double OT loss, and giving the Cavaliers a run for their money in exciting OT thriller. I had an opportunity to watch the Kings lose twice against the Lakers in the double OT game - once in regulation and another in the first OT.

The 2010-2011 Kings are a disaster. This is the worst group I've seen since the 90's. Some may argue the 2008-2009 Kings were worse. On the contrary, that team lacked what this current team is supposed to have - toughness and youth. Maybe it will take time for the Kings to win. I don't see the Kings returning to the grand stage. They're playing like a bunch of jesters looking for laughs. The Kings are the comedy act of the NBA.

The Kings 3-1 start was erased with substandard execution. They played good defense to hold the Hornets to under 80 points, but they also scored below 80 points to lose the game. Going 1-9 since the great start qualify the Kings for the worst team in the last 10 games. A majority of their losses are blowouts. If the Kings don't get their royal act together, their season will be over before the All-Star break.

The Kings once had the most exciting act in the NBA. Now Kings fans have to accept players that have no heart to win. Maybe the Kings can reverse the disaster into learning how to win again. Only time will tell the Kings tale. Go Kings!!!

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

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