Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sacramento Kings come close to winning - 7th straight loss

Publication date: 2010

Sacramento Kings are showing some life, but they lost their 7th game in a row, which represents their second 6+ game losing streak in the past 18 games. The kings are 2 losses away from being the worst team in the NBA.

There's not much to say about the Sacramento Kings these days. They're definitely the worst team in the league. If the Kings lose 2 more games, they will indeed own the worst NBA record. How does a 3-1 team end up with a 4-14 record? The Kings had a perfect plan to accomplish that feat.

The Sacramento Kings coasted out of the gates. They were on pace to have a successful season, but then they acquired the losing bug. Every game the Kings play is worse than the previous. After a 3-1 start, the Kings stringed together a 6 game losing streak, and then continued on with another 7 game losing streak. With that said, they only won 1 lousy game, going a pathetic 1-13 over the past month.

As I predicted, the Kings let the Lakers run all over them. Then, the Kings had a grand opportunity to win at home versus the Mavericks. They ended up losing by 2 measly points. What makes matters worse is their inability to find a win. The Kings organization assembled one of the most disastrous teams in the Sacramento era. The way the Kings are looking, I wouldn't be surprised if they finish with less wins than their 17-65 record in the 2008-2009 season.

Kings fans are definitely disappointed in the poor product. Every fan hoped the 3-1 start was a sign of good to come this season. Even the first game at home was sold out. Now that the Kings are losing, the fans are going to drop like cow waste. I must admit the Kings are a disaster. They look like a team on life support. Maybe the Sacramento Monarchs could beat Evans and company, but they were victim to the owners choosing to invest into a quality Kings product.

I would rather watch the Sacramento Monarchs play than to endure another Kings loss. The Kings are doing one thing right; they're losing every which way possible. They get blown out one night, and the next night they lose by 2 points to one of the premiere teams in the league. The last time the Kings beat the Mavericks and the Lakers in the same season was some time ago. I believe Artest led the Kings to victories over the teams in his homecoming to the Kings. A lot has changed since then, and now we must face the truth - the Kings are a bad product with no quality.

While the Kings came close to winning tonight at home, they still lost another game. Kings fans have to get used to a long season filled with losses. Evans went from standout to a bust. The rest of the team are a bunch of overpaid bums. It's sad to say; the Maloofs should close down the franchise to save the city of Sacramento the embarrassment.

I will still follow the Kings as a loyal fan, but it is hard to sit quietly without complaining about the lack of determination and competitiveness. Maybe the Kings will prove us wrong. However, I doubt there will be any improvement until the Kings figure out how to play as a team. The Kings came close to winning versus the Mavericks, but the final score mirrored the previous results - another loss to ponder over a lost season.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin 

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