Thursday, June 14, 2012

LeBron James carries the Heat to a win!

LeBron James is playing clutch in the fourth quarter, something that we haven't seen in previous playoffs. The OKC Thunder attempted to make a major comeback. However, the Heat fended off the electric team.

I admit I don't like the Thunder. Their path to the NBA Finals went unchallenged. Four years ago, the Thunder were the laughing stock of the NBA. My Sacramento Kings never got a fair shot to reach the finals. After a controversial 2002 Wester Conference matchup against the Lakers, the Kings never could reach the top again. 

Injuries, bad luck, curses, and unfortunate events kept the great Kings team from becoming a dynasty. I want to see the Thunder lose. They seem to slack off until the 4th quarter. The Lakers and Spurs failed to defeat the Thunder, even while up double digits. Finally, the Heat get it done.

No team wants to go back to Miami tied 1-1. With three games to play in South Beach, the Heat are in control of this series. You may think otherwise, but I'm basing my analysis on previous playoff series. I wouldn't have counted out the Heat if they lost Game 2. 

James stepped up to make his free throws in the closing seconds. Kevin decided to make a dumb move to cost his team the game. Why shoot a jump shot with 9 seconds left? He could have easily got fouled. There was plenty of time to win the game. 

This is why I like the Heat in this series. Inexperienced teams make bonehead plays. Kevin thought he could make another shot to tie the game. I give him credit for scoring 5 points to trim the lead to 2 points. I hoped the Thunder would make an unwise move to lose the game. This is no championship team.

The current crop of teams are weak compared to the Lakers and Kings of 2001-2004. We watched the Spurs give up in the last series. The old team is a disappointment to their fans. They held a lead in Game 6, but quit playing. Quitters never win games. Parker played a brilliant first half. Then, the Spurs went back to their usual play that resulted in three previous losses. 

The Thunder got lucky to reach the Finals. I don't see the Thunder winning a championship. Sure, there is some bitter sentiment watching an untested team reach with no unfortunate injuries and hardship. The Kings reached the playoffs 8 consecutive years, three year which they were the top contender. Our starting lineup would destroy the current Thunder roster. The Kings were stacked with many talented role players. 

When I see the Thunder play in the Finals, I thank them for reopening the window for the Kings. The Kings now have hope to reach the Finals on a four-year experiment. Good karma will always find real winners. The Kings fans deserve a championship. These real fans helped the Kings sellout many games for many consecutive years. 

The Thunder reached the Finals with ease. Either the West is terrible, or the Thunder are that good. With Kevin, Russ and James as the Thunders' top 3 players, I don't see how this group compares to Webber, Peja, Bibby, Divac, Christie, Bobby Jackson, Hedo, and the high flying Kings bench. They played unselfish basketball using the Princeton offense. The Thunder depend on their top two players (Kevin and Russ) to win games.   

Webber and Divac were the two best big man passers in the game then. Every player in the starting lineup could deliver a potential triple double. What are the Thunder doing to reach the Finals so quick? Playing teams that give up? Getting a fair shot with healthy players? The Heat are far better than the Thunder, demonstrating their toughness in beating the Celtics in Game 6 and staving off an upset loss in tonight's Game 2.  

My prediction is the Heat will win this series in 5 or 6 games. It is possible, depending on Game 3, that the Heat can win the remaining three games to close out the series in Miami. However, we have seen them lose on their home floor. Game 3 winner will dictate the potential winner. OKC made a huge mistake to lose Game 2 tonight. 

Kevin's decision to shoot a jump shot with 9 seconds remaining will represent the difference in the series. With his two daggers in the last minute, he turns around and takes a careless risk. There is plenty of time to win the game, so rushing to shoot 4 seconds after a timeout is unintelligent. Good thing Kevin lack finals experience because LBJ deserves to win a title. 

Cavs are hurt over his disloyal treatment. You can't blame James for wanting to win a title. He took less money to play in Miami, which most players would never do. Give the guy a chance to show why he is the best basketball player in the world. Kevin is the best scorer, but his bonehead shot with 9 seconds will cost the Thunder a title. James is an experienced veteran with super abilities. 

It is not too early to make predictions. The Heat will win the 2012 NBA Title. No person wants the title more than LeBron James. He has attempted to win the NBA trophy three times, with the championship eluding him twice in 2007 and 2011. The third time is a charm. LBJ will carry his Miami Heats' team to a title. 

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