Thursday, June 14, 2012 is a hybrid genre website running now is a hybrid genre website with movie genres, video game genres, music genres, and book genres content. We recently contributed movie genres on the website. In time, The Genres will include book genres, music genres, and video game genres material.

The Genres is a special website  Even though the traffic is slow, we are confident the genre site will grow. There are few websites specific to the genres. and are parked domains on The owner of Name Media Frank Schilling probably wants a fortune to sell his movie genre sites.

We feel The Genre has just as much potential as the movie genre domains. Why pay $10,000-$20,000+ to acquire the movie sites when you can own a domain running multiple genres? Our website is a generic domain communicating all the genres.

Please visit to check out the progress. now has close to 100 posts. Thanks for reading.      

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