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Why does Blogger allow their members to retain blogs with no activity? Is Google dropping the ball again with keeping accounts open with zero content?

I own I can't use because the owner has owned the blog for several years now. He only has 2 profile views in 7 years. There is no content on the blog. It is a waste of web space to keep the blog open.

Google's Blogger once made the mistake of closing down this Magic Writer blog. They assumed my blog was a spam site, but determined their system made an error. Therefore, Blogger reactivated the blog due to making a mistake.

Google Blogger keeps,,, and dozens of BlogSpot blogs open. These blogs are old blogs with no updated content. Should Google have some kind of policy in place to ensure their members are utilizing the blogs to the best of their advantage? I own the exact dot com domain names. There is no way I can run the domain names on these platforms. Hence, the platforms keep these unused blogs active.

Google doesn't care about quality. They promote old coupon sites in their search engine. These are coupon sites with outdated printable coupons and coupon codes. I wasted many hours searching for bad coupons at Google. Google ranks such coupon sites high due to them using Google AdSense. I noticed that Google publishers tend to rank high.

Conflict of interest? Popular companies must do what they can to remain competitive, even if they have to exercise monopoly practices. It is unfair competition to rank eHow high while de ranking experts in the niche. You mean to tell me that amateur writers on Demand Studios are more informative than experts? WhyPark gotten hit with Google Panda. Their websites are getting dumped into a shallow grave.

If you want proof, check out the coupon sites. Search Google for information with steps. eHow and poor coupon sites will rank higher than the top websites. WhyPark was once ranked between 13,000-17,000 on Alexa. Now Alexa ranks WhyPark 27,080. My WhyPark revenue evaporated into think air. It is a waste of my time to build traffic on my WhyPark websites when the revenue is gone.

I can't use because another Blogger member is failing to use the blog. He hasn't written one article on the blog. He never developed the blog. His profile attracted 2 views in 7 years. How pathetic is it to see a blog you want with no activity? I lack the resources to help people since people would rather donate to a popular website with unlimited funds to operate. The Internet confuses me.

I write quality articles to inform my readers. I never receive a donation, not even for $.25. I share affiliate links, banners and free services to help people. My visitors barely click on the resources. I never once made a single penny with any affiliate program.

The frustration doesn't stop there because I generate thousands of unique visits on many of my websites. I don't make any revenue besides a few lousy ad clicks on WhyPark. Free psychic readings are never utilized on my astral blog or even on the exact keyword websites I'm running on WhyPark. is taken. I have to settle with WhyPark to run the website. Barely any people have visited the website to take part in the forum discussions or to read articles. would perform much better on Blogger. However, Google allows their members to retain blogs with no activity. There is one blog, in particular, that hasn't been updated in 11 years (i.e.

Can we determine that Google Blogger and WordPress are quality platforms? Meanwhile, the two companies make a fortune with traffic and services and bloggers are left in the quicksand trying to locate another blog for a generic domain name they already own. I'm not interested in running on another platform without securing the exact name. Both and are taken. Neither blog has any updated content.

The following images show the two blogs with no content. I'm very frustrated. It is obvious that Google and WordPress allow these blogs to remain active with no content, especially when I own the domain names to run several blogs. If you think Google and WordPress adopt fair competition, then you don't really know the truth. I have data to prove otherwise that good websites are de ranked and de indexed for no reason.
High traffic websites such as eHow continue to remain ranked on Google page #1. WhyPark took a steep drop soon after Google Panda attacked their websites. Should I believe that Google and WhyPark had a falling out with their partnership deal a few years ago? Do I believe that many WhyPark de ranking and de indexing searches arrive on my domain blog are credible? We know that there is something obviously going on with promoting certain websites while influencing another platform.'s assessment of's traffic proves there is less interest now than in the past. Their traffic declined, never recovering from Google Panda launch. My WhyPark traffic went from 50,000 unique per month to 3,000 unique. My best Whypark website went from 17,000 unique per month to 30 unique per month. Does Google send over good traffic, and then close the gates until you decide to pay for AdWords? Should we believe they use traffic techniques to promote their products and services? no longer performs for me. I want to move all my domains off their platform. They seem to not care that Google is stepping all over their domain parking company. If eHow can rank high, then why is WhyPark traffic going downhill? My website scored 3,000 unique per month. Then, Google hit the website and destroyed the traffic. I generated only 20 unique per month. Now Google returned traffic back to the website 5 months later. I lost 98% of my traffic.

It doesn't make any sense since I ranked high in many categories. It is because Google assumes that all WhyPark websites rotate the exact same articles. I wrote custom content on my WhyPark websites. You have the option to build custom websites with quality content. Google Panda doesn't care whether you upload quality content or use WhyPark's rotating articles.

Panda is prejudiced toward rotating content that appears the same on WhyPark sites. I prepared quality content on my WhyPark sites. However, Google Panda de ranked and de indexed these high performing websites. Now Google wants to return the traffic after I lost all my revenue.

The traffic doesn't do me any good now. I lost 90% of my WhyPark revenue due to Google. In my opinion, I would not use WhyPark to build your domains. You are wasting your time and money. Why pay WhyPark to build links and to write custom articles? In the future, your domains will get de indexed, de ranked and fail to get good ad clicks. I'm tired of penny days. I used to make good revenue on WhyPark. It's gone. Nothing to be excited about anymore.

For those people who think they can making a living off of WhyPark, please don't waste your time. There is no good keywords you can choose to make good ad clicks. I have a lot of experience with developing websites on WhyPark. You can't write quality content because Google Panda treats all WhyPark sites the same. It is not worth your money to pay for articles or links that will end up getting thrown in the dumpster. In my opinion, Google Panda is disguised as a competition killer. Panda updates performed well to impact WhyPark and their competitors.

Meanwhile, Google continues to make billions of dollars annually, while struggling professionals are trying to figure out a way to rebuild their lost traffic. A recent article last month deemed as the biggest winner after the new Panda update was released. Guess who owns If you guessed Google, then you are right. eHow scores millions of unique visits per month. What service does the company use? Google AdSense is planted all across their platform. High performing coupons sites with outdated coupons and codes feature Google AdSense.

Google Blogger and WordPress allow members to retain blogs with no relevant content, including a blog ( that hasn't been updated since Oct, 2000. Check out the Astral blog below. I would like to own the blog to run my astral projection blog. This outdated website is taken. The owner doesn't care enough to run the blog. Google Blogger keeps the blog intact.
In essence, is taken. The owner never updated the blog. Several Blogger sites are active with old outdated content or these are undeveloped blogs. I can't build my keyword sites. Google also hit many WhyPark sites to lower their Alexa ranking, reduce monthly unique traffic, and de rank such sites. Beware of trying to build domains on WhyPark. You should fight for Blogger and WordPress blogs that are outdated.    

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