Monday, December 19, 2011

Update: New websites up and running

Since the last time I last wrote on this blog, I developed several new websites. continues to perform well. and are growing. is gaining some exposure. had a good traffic showing last month, reaching over 1,000+ unique visits. The movie reviews and movie trailers website once generated nearly 3,000 unique visits prior to the Panda slicing into the core of the movie site. I also developed a few additional sites. is attracting good type-in traffic. and are up and running. is ready to serve the Occupy Wall Street Movement. You can visit to watch a movie review. I plan to develop into a website all about the past dinosaur apocalypse. is ready to become a popular Tebowing destination. will be developed into a future website. will feature education resources. will contribute content on the upcoming Silent Hill movie coming out in 2012.  

My goal is to create popular websites with quality content. Therefore, I can possibly make future domain sales to reward my hard work and dedication. I haven't received any donations on any of my websites even though thousands of readers view my articles. I'm not sure what strategy to take in order to maximize the traffic. My domains and websites provide good resourceful content. 

Hence, my time is very valuable to me. I enjoy writing articles. I know what people want to read. If I make some revenue, I can continue to contribute material on the websites. I hope you are all doing better than me. Good luck on your future endeavors. Thanks for reading.  


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