Sunday, October 23, 2011 and will feature quality job resources

Are you searching for your dream job? Do you want to land a decent job to pay your bills? There are many job sites on the Internet. However, the most notable job websites can be misleading. Would you like to know two reliable job sites to visit?

I developed and The two job blog sites are going to feature some valuable job resources, including nearly a thousand job links to exact match job positions which are highly credible. A job developer currently runs these top job sites. If you feel compelled to apply for your dream job, then I will be writing many articles with direct links to point you in the right direction.

There are thousands of job positions available on hundreds of job sites. Employers are looking to land good employee to fill their job positions. Please visit these two blogs soon to read quality articles and to find reliable job links to land your perfect dream job. I will feeding the two blogs with content this week.

Hope everyone is doing well. is making good strides. is receiving traffic again after the new Panda update returned the movie website to a better ranking. The movie website features movie reviews, movie trailers, movie articles, and movie questions.

Box Office Weekend once generated over 3,000 unique visits per month. However, the movie website took a Panda hit, and then the traffic evaporated overnight. Fast and the Furious searches for my past articles are delivering good traffic.

Astral Writer is performing well because I write articles on dreams, astral projection, Insidious, Mayan Calendar, dream shows, end of the world movies and many other topics. I also point some of the best keyword domains to the astral website, including,,,,,,,, and many other great domains.

I run, and, which are gaining some steam as well. If you want to enjoy entertaining content, check out the websites above. Please visit the job blogs to find job resources and reliable job links to get that perfect dream job. Good luck!          

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