Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Review: Wordpress releases a new QuickPress option - what a disaster feature

WordPress has frustrated me many times. I lost quality articles on their platform. Their publish button is missing in the post option. Today I decided to give WordPress a chance to redeem their flaws. The new QuickPress post feature allows you to publish content to any of your WordPress blogs. I must say that this QuickPress is an utter disaster.

I wrote a quality cloud domain article using the QuickPress. This cloud domain article was a top shelf piece to promote the cloud domain trend. However, the WordPress system turned up an error after article submission. Be very careful to trust this WordPress QuickPress.

I won't state an opinion of the QuickPress. Instead, I will make a comment that this QuickPress lost my prized cloud domain article. This article took an hour to prepare. Now there is no trace of the cloud domain article. I stopped writing on WordPress for the same reason I quit the platform prior to today.

WordPress operates a poor platform. Their customer support system is ineffective. The publish button never returned. You lose valuable work. I must admit that BlogSpot is far superior to WordPress. You never lose your work. Both blog platforms have a competitive advantage. I can't forgive WordPress for their terrible QuickPress. Because of this QuickPress feature, I lost a great cloud domain article with traffic potential.

Nice job WordPress for developing another great feature. No such luck to retrieve an article that turned up as an error on your platform. I'm very disappointed in the WordPress platform. My blog platform review: QuickPress deserves a 1 out of 10.  I'm being generous to give QuickPress at least a 1 score.

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