Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Domain owners overpricing domains in auctions

eBay is a hotbed for overpriced domain names. There are many overpriced domain names taking up space on the popular auction website. Who in the world will spend $1 million on a worthless domain name? These domain names are not even worth $500.

Apparently, the domain owner thinks that asking $21 million for an address name or $1 million for a dot co domain will produce sales. Domainers and eBay are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

In the domain industry, price matters most. You have to set the right price or risk losing a potential lead. Domainers must be willing to negotiate. Hence, domainers with deep pockets can reject offers to maximize the final price. eBay is one domain marketplace I never take serious.

I attempted to sell domain names on eBay last year.  The majority of the time the domain name never reached an interested buyer. However, a bidder would attempt to make a $.99 bid at the last possible second to buy a domain name with a reserve. Buyers are mainly interested in finding a domain gem for pennies.

There have been moments when a domain owner submitted a quality domain name such as Integrates.com. The domain name attracted bidders willing to battle for this generic technology site. The winner made one $1000 bid to meet the reserve. Integrates.com is a nice domain name to purchase at $1000.

You can find a few good domain deals on eBay. However, the domain name category is flooded with overpriced web properties. Domain owners are embarrassing themselves to think they can fetch $21 million or even $1 million for domain names I wouldn't hand register tomorrow.

The top domain sales in the history of domain names can be viewed using the link listed on the bottom of this article. These are the very best domain names that sold above $1 million. All these domain names were registered in the 90's.

Three domain names created in this past decade fetched 6 figure prices (i.e. CamRoulette dot com, CookingGames.com and VisitBerlin.com). Excluding the VisitBerlin.com domain, the other two domain names are active websites. There is hope to find a valuable domain name to flip. You must do your domain homework to spot these domain gems.  

If you plan to buy domain names at eBay, research the creation date, the keywords, searches, traffic, and other domain stats. Sometimes good domain name is worth a look, even there is no appraisal and or market value. You will know once you spot these domain names. Thanks for reading.


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