Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brief Update: Magic Writer

AstralWriter.com is still gathering steam. I'm currently decoding dreams on the website. Do you have a dream you want to share on the site?

I stopped writing on DomainNameMojo.com, although the traffic remains consistent. Domain traffic is popular among the noob world and with existing domainers.

I took on another project to cover the subplanes at Subplanes.com. For those who never heard of the the subplanes, they represent the foundation to the astral plane. The Astral Hell and the The Intellectual World are rather interesting subplanes.

EndofTheWorldMovies.com and MetaphysicalMovies.com are up and running. If you like end of the world movies and metaphysical movies, share your personal favorites on the two sites.  

I'm planning to complete a master plan for my screenwriting career. My screenwriting dream will take financial resources to make the dream plan a reality. I have confidence in my ability to make this dream possible.   
I'm looking to sell three old domains. I will give you 10% to find me leads interested in these three stellar domains. Travel agencies and new startup companies are the best prospects to acquire these domains. 

- AthensTouristGuide.com (6 years old)
- CaribbeanCruiseTickets.com (5 years old)
- WonderfulFlorida.com (almost 10 years old)

The two most popular jobs that are fun careers:

- Multimedia Artist
- 3D Animator

University of California, Santa Barbara is emerging as a film school destination. UCSB houses a new theater named after the Pollock family as well as a Michael Douglas Hall. UCSB thanks the famous stars for their continuous contribution and support.

I hope to autograph a few future movie posters to post in the film hall at UCSB and at De Anza College in Cupertino. You always remember your college roots. I also want to pay tribute to Solano College for building my film skills. 

I plan to write a story about our dog Gracie, a half Husky and Sheppherd mix. Gracie is a former rescue pet that is a smart and loving dog. We need immediate help since she is in major need of surgery. The recent veterinarian visit emptied our bank account.

It appears Gracie will require surgery to remove mass growths near her heart and paw. I'll prepare an article on Gracie's journey. I hope I can raise the money to pay for a surgery she desperately needs. Stay tuned for the Gracie narrative story.

Southern California life is tough. It is extremely expensive to live here. The traffic is always busy. Gas is nearly $4 a gallon. I'm in need of a reliable vehicle. My Acura Integra is a problem car which requires severely costly repairs, including a catalytic converter to repair an EVAP leak.

I connected the dots to H.G. Wells and his early novels, determining that he was probably a psychic. His past novels are too closely related to future events. Most of his novels are rather daunting since they accurately predict the future. Check out AstralWriter.blogspot.com to read the article.

Thanks for reading. I will keep you updated on future events.    

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