Thursday, September 22, 2011

JL Forums 250-300 article writing discussion

JL Forums recent started a discussion on how much people will pay for 250-300 word articles. A quality 250-300 word article will take a good writer at least 30-60 minutes to complete. Is it fair to pay a writer $2.50-$7 to write a one page article?

Website owners expect to pay low rates to secure quality 250-300 word articles. However, these website owners fail to think that they're essentially paying writers 50% of what fast food restaurant employees earn. High school students who work at movie theaters and fast food restaurants earn more than online writers.

Website owners make a bundle monetizing their websites. They generate revenue from affiliate programs, AdSense, and advertisers. Nonetheless, quality content delivers consistent traffic. Writers should avoid writing 250-300 word articles at such low rates. These writers are better off developing their own websites than to accept cheap rates. Why make web developers rich?

Calculate the amount of time it takes to write an article. If writers live in the United States, then they are wasting their time accepting $2.50-$7 per 250-300 words. Two 250-300 word articles will take a writer at least one hour to complete ($5 per hour). These pathetic rates are insulting to good writers.

Web developers use writers to generate revenue. A few travel articles can inject life into a vacation website. A few years ago, a web developer offered $7 for quality articles on astral projection. Any experienced writer who can write astral projection and dream content will develop their own website. Why waste a good skill accepting terrible rates? Apparently, this astral projection website owner lacks knowledge on astral projection.   

I developed Astral Writer into an astral projection and dream website. I contribute original content. In my opinion, paying another writer to prepare 250-300 word articles at $2.50-$7 is degrading.

Writers who are capable of writing at a professional level should reject low rates. Foreign writers can accept low rates since their cost of living is much less. However, American writers must earn more money to survive.

Good writers should look into technology websites that are hiring technical writers. Moreover, online writers can consider buying a good domain to develop into a quality website. Monetize these websites with affiliate programs and AdSense. Once the traffic increases, charge advertisers a monthly rate for ad space. Build a web directory to make monthly revenue through paid listings.

Triond is a good website to contribute quality content on. The more articles a writer produces, the better opportunity they have to generate revenue. Triond will sort your articles based on their category. Education and mesothelioma are the most competitive keywords among advertisers.  

A good writer should never accept rates less than $15 for 250-300 word articles. Let mediocre and foreign writers accept 250-300 word articles for $2.50-$7. Good writers are worth more than $5 per hour.


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