Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Build a Successful Blog

Blogs can earn a monthly revenue stream. However, new blogs require a good domain name and quality content to generate traffic. Hence, you must build a good blog to make good revenue. A revenue blog requires hard work and dedication. What are the best strategies to build a successful blog?
  1. Choose a good domain name or blog name with relevant keywords to capture quality searches
  2. Acquire keyword domains to point traffic to your blog
  3. Mask your domain names and check the DNS update box to get indexed in search engines
  4. Submit the domain names to Bing, Yahoo and Google 
  5. List the keywords you plan to discuss on your blog underneath the blog name
  6. Leave insightful comments on top ranked blogs along with a link back to your blog
  7. Monitor your traffic using the free StatCounter tool 
  8. Write content specific to your expertise
  9. Feed your site quality content a few times per week
  10. Add images to your articles to generate image searches
  11. Write "how to" articles to capture step-by-step traffic
  12. Write articles on popular writing platforms - link to your blog
  13. Build trust with your readers
  14. Be patient with your blog because traffic takes time
  15. Avoid quick linking methods
Apply the strategies above to build a successful blog. You can make revenue with your blog. Don't give up on your blog too easily. Focus on the main goal. Feed your blog original content. Good luck! 

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