Saturday, September 3, 2011

Unused Blogger sites are unfair to active blog seekers

I tried to create a few new blog sites on Blogger. However, the blog names are already taken. To my amazement, the blog sites are outdated. I don't think it's fair for a blog owner to open an account on Blogger, and then let the site around unused for 11 years. If a blog account is outdated, Google's Blogger should notify the owner. is a blog I want to implement as an astral projection site. I already run The owner of the blog hasn't contributed content since 2000. I doubt they plan to write or add any content on the blog. Why are they permitted to keep the blog? An astral writer such as me can use the site to attract attention to the Blogger platform.

Maybe Google runs Blogger like they do their Panda. The main reason I opened several Blogger sites is because Google Panda destroyed my traffic and revenue on WhyPark. Now I can't secure a blog site on Blogger because Google allows such blog owners to maintain blogs with outdated information.

If a blog is sitting around without being updated for 11 years, I would think Google should cancel the account. Google indexes coupon sites with outdated coupon codes and printable coupons. These coupon sites use Google AdSense. Then, the Internet's most popular brand chooses to zap my best WhyPark sites out of their search engine for no reason.

I sense that (removed content after delisted) received a major boost of 17,000 unique per month and Google probably wanted me to pay for AdWords. Why allow a generic site to make money with quality content? Apparently, my WhyPark sites are now deemed worthless. When I try to secure the exact Blogger site name, another has already registered the site long ago. What makes the matter worse is they haven't contributed any content to their sites in years.

Google's Blogger is another Facebook with millions of registered accounts with many inactive users. I contribute content on every blog and site I own. It's unfortunate to be blocked from creating a blog that is secured by another who is obviously not using the blog. These Blogger sites are not being utilized. I'm sure there are many more blogs that sit around collecting cyberdust.

In essence, Google Panda destroyed my top WhyPark sites. Furthermore, their Blogger members are permitted to maintain blogs with no updates, one that hasn't been updated in 11 years. We are supposed to think the Internet is being run fairly? The following Blogger sites are taken and not being updated or lack any content at all:

Why do I want these Blogger sites? I own a majority of the keywords. Google Panda zapped my WhyPark traffic; therefore, my revenue is nonexistent. I decided to move my domains to Blogger. The Blogger sites are taken and feature outdated content.

If you notice a Blogger site that is old with no updated content or lack of content, please list them below.

p.s. I'm very disappointed in Google. Thanks a lot for affecting my traffic and revenue at a time when I'm struggling to survive. SEO companies can use shady practices to build site links to resume service companies and other businesses.

I will not name these websites. You don't build 80 sites linking in on a service website in a few months. This owner even noted that a SEO company is building their links. He has the money to spend thousands to maintain a high ranking for his generic keyword. My generic keyword site with 17,000 unique per month is then deindexed.

One website copy and pasted my article on their platform. They are ranked number #1 for the article and my article is no longer indexed, not even on Google page #55. How can you author an original article and get ranked number #1, and then your article is eliminated? That's shady and unprofessional.

Nonetheless, a hardworking writer that provides quality content is losing out to these websites due to him lacking the money to purchase marketing and SEO services. Go ahead and index companies with AdWords accounts and good SEO, and then deindex and derank the remaining sites that have no affiliation with AdSense and AdWords. If you lack resources, you're wasting your time trying to build a popular brand. You will never go anywhere without spending money on marketing and SEO services.    

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