Monday, August 22, 2011

Google giveth traffic, and then taketh Traffic

Google essentially eliminated my domain portfolio. I used to generate 1500 unique visits per month. Yesterday, my domain portfolio delivered 80 visits. Google referred good traffic to my top websites. Before I knew it, my traffic disappeared. Nothing to be exited about. Zilch! Gone!

Maybe Google sends many visitors to sites to give a website owner a taste of what they will have to eventually pay to maintain. Google makes a fortune on AdWords. They will position a high keyword bidder in the perfect location to enjoy good traffic. scored 17,000-20,000 unique per month. Google pulverized the site. Now the site only produces 1-2 visits per week. used to score 3,200 visits per month. The movie site now delivered 23 visits in August. produced 2,000 visits per month. The site only delivered 200 visits this month. The list goes on and on.

What is my theory? Google will send over a ton of traffic. Your good keywords will be positioned on Google Page #1. You will receive awesome traffic. Once your traffic peaks, Google will come along and pull the plug. They operate like a free website. Give a customer something free, and then make them pay for a service later. Should we think AdWords?

Google giveth traffic, and then taketh traffic. No more revenue on any of my sites. Thanks Google! 

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