Sunday, August 21, 2011

A popped tire and its meaning toward change

Last Wednesday, my right tire popped. The incident occurred at the worst possible time. I was already hanging on a thin rope.

Nonetheless, I never lost my patience. I parked the car in a Kaiser hospital parking lot. I walked to the nearby Starbucks. I waited until dark.

There are too many speeding cars that travel down the main stretch. I didn't want to take a chance to drive at 20 mph. It is not safe to put myself in a dangerous situation. The traffic usually moves at 50-65mph, thus, leaving no room for error on a road with no bike lane to pull over.      

I questioned the reason such an unfortunate event took place. I could not understand the reason. My bills are already impossible to pay. It takes an insurmountable to make it to the next day. I remain optimistic about my future. The future is as clear as the reason the tire popped.

God wanted me to stay off the roads. Both front tires were worn beyond repair. My smog is almost 6 months past due. I'm in no shape to be driving on the road. My gas tank is empty, the tires are worn, and the smog is bound to attract unwanted attention.

I understand perfectly. Besides, the walking is keeping me healthy. I walked 15 miles since this past Wednesday. My feet are bruised and sore, but my lungs and heart are full of life.

The popped tire inspired me to move past my chronic challenges. Who knows what could have happened on the interstate? I could have caused a major accident. Maybe I would have been stranded with no way to tow my car back home.

God has plans for me. I believe my time is now. The unfortunate events lingering on for decades represent a test to prepare me. Don't look at the obvious. Look at the meaning of an event. You will realize there are reasons such events occur. Thanks for reading. 

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