Sunday, August 21, 2011

Struggling after graduating from graduate school

I must admit that these current struggles are wearing me thin. It is tough to survive in an economy with limited opportunities for experienced workers. My right front tire popped on Wednesday afternoon. The tire ordeal occurred at the worst possible time.

These current struggles remind me of previous events. I anticipated there would be a few reliable job opportunities available soon after completing graduate school. However, my assumption proved that education lacks value in our society. 

I'm left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debts. I'm no closer to my dream than I was back in 1994. I finally asked God to guide me last week. A week later, my situation is at its worst.

I devoted a year to writing domain articles to help domainers to avoid losing money. I helped many people to gain knowledge and to make better decisions. In that time frame, my readers turned the other way during my darkest moments. I placed a Donate option on the site. I never made any money with AdSense or affiliate programs. As expected, I never received a nickel.

Nobody ever wanted to purchased a quality site. My visitors would visit my sites and click on the for sale link numerous times. Nonetheless, the visitors never made the decision to move forward with contacting me about the site. They would do direct searches on Google for I own the valuable spirituality website. Recently, sold for $17,500. produces double the stats and is one of the most valuable words across the world.

When you have an immediate need, very little people will want to help you. It doesn't matter if you have a vision to help millions of people. You could represent the peace this world needs to advance. Your future might shape countless dreams. On domain blogs and forums, you don't stand a chance.

There are millionaire domainers who will not give you a penny. They will note that they're giving you free advice when the advice is not as helpful as they assume it to be. You ask for help, thus, they use your problems against you as a way to think they're better than you. These rich arrogant people lack common decency to care about others beyond making an overpriced sale.

You begin to think; what will it take to realize my dream? What resources will I need to deliver my dream to fruition? Do I have to keep going through these worthless industries to learn more life lessons? First I deal with the restaurant industry. Then, there was the car sales industry. Lastly, the domain industry proved to be the final test.

Initially, I worked in the Air Force as a medical technician in the mid 90's. I don't view that time as negative. I helped ill patients to make it through their tough moments. I dedicated myself to care for others.  I understand we have to do nice things and never speak of them. I feel compelled to bring up the Air Force experience since it is a major challenge that opened the doors to my future. I'm still living in the past. It is hard to move forward with so many chronic challenges.

I admit that my struggles are bleak. The rich have employed a frugal nature upon us. I briefly worked as a staff writer on a popular domain website. I put forth a noble effort to launch the website. In result, I made peanuts and received little respect. When I requested help, the owner failed to deliver. Even so, my articles are the most popular on the site. What good does that do me?

I quit writing on my domain blogs. I invested one year writing many articles. I prepared 600-700 articles. Readers would take the information and put it to work. They would rarely leave comments. I never communicated with these visitors beyond a few e-mails. The domaining experience is a very negative glitch in my life. I learned that people are quick to judge. They are negative. The domainers are mainly about making revenue and producing results. They're overprotective when you challenge their overpriced sales.

The domain industry is the devil in disguise. It's an industry that resembles the apple in the tree. The domainers are a part of the industry that depends on snakes to weasel end-users out of their money. Their greed makes it hard for the average domainer to survive.

I'm struggling due in part to the domain industry. The time I invested is lost. I could have written many screenplays or even a book. But, I didn't respond to what I'm destined to do in life. Instead, I allowed my life after graduate school to sink.

My eyes can barely see above quicksand. The murky mud is clouding my vision. There is no person out there to pull me out of the pit. My writing can inspire people to go after their dreams. I can convince a person to believe in their abilities.

However, the only voice that inspires me is the one in my mind that keeps telling me to never give up. Keep trying to accomplish your dream. Never lose sight of the lighthouse. God will guide you to the shore. I know that life is tough. It has been for many years. Hang in there.

You deserve credit for fighting through the adversity. I know there were many dark moments. Your struggles will define you as a person. Your time is near. Having faith during the darkest times is just as important as enjoying the good times.

I don't want people to pity me. I don't need compliments to feel better about myself. I do need help to make it past these tough times. I rarely find help in the domain industry. My time as a domainer is possibly the most stressful and negative moment in recent time. I encountered the leeches that hold the best domain names to keep businesses away from success. They charge insane prices, and want credit for selling these domain names soon after the new owner establishes success.

Why give the domainers praise for selling a domain name to another with a vision? What effort did they put forth in the owner's dream besides overpricing the domain? If I sold or to the current owners, I would not ask these websites to give me praise. It is only a domain name. We are all given birth names. It is up to us to make a name for ourselves through living our dreams. These domainers assume they have value. They think that without their domain names, the Internet will cease to exist.

The Internet will move on with or without domain names. Domain names are just domain names. Google Panda decreased the value of good keyword domain names. It seems the lifeline will get cutoff once your keyword site performs. Should I think that you can't grow your success online with quality content? Must I pay for AdWords or SEO to enjoy success?

The Internet keeps the little people down. Google is beginning to operate as an oligopoly to hold back the innovators. I can't find a good coupon since there are so many bad coupon sites crowding Google. Three year old coupons and outdated codes are keeping the quality sites out of the forefront. I don't have the money to invest into advertising.

I depended on my writing abilities. The quality articles worked well to build major traffic on a dozen sites. However, the traffic disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It is not fair. What can one do to compete? What steps are required to gain a competitive advantage? I learned a lot about the Internet. I implemented valuable techniques to grow my websites. A big Panda came along and devoured my success. The domain industry relies on Google to rank sites. End-users would rather avoid de indexed sites.     

The worse aspect of the domain industry is holding the weekly domain sales report. Every week the top domain sales are reported on the The domain sales report praises the top sales. Sedo and Afternic are usually the top domain companies that rule the charts. These companies set restrictions on their platform to limit domain prices. Once you set the price above the threshold, the domain company will immediately request you to order a custom appraisal. 

A domain owner sold a dot com boating site with the worst possible stats for $25,000. This site sold at an amount that is at least 30-50 times more than its actual market value. They challenged me for writing an article about this sale. As God communicates in the Bible, I must pray for this person I dislike. I have to accept them as a friend, although I don't respect them or their unethical ways.

This person rejected helping me in a time of need. They will brag about their millions of dollars in rejected offers and sales. This domainer will note they turned down a $20 million offer for their entire domain portfolio. They make a fortune writing domain articles that do little to help readers fulfill their dreams. I had to get out of this industry. Many domain blogs are unable to take criticism. They attack you the moment you challenge them. They will judge you and make crude comments.

Maybe my struggles are good. Otherwise, I would still try to use domains as a springboard to accomplish my writing dream. Thus, valuable time would be lost. I'm 35 years old. My Hollywood dream has taken up almost half of my life. I dedicated every moment to this dream. I know the dream is worth the time and struggle. I can no longer waste the air I breathe. I need help. I don't know where I will find the help to improve my current situation. I believe there are people who care enough to help me reach the next step.

I want to live this Hollywood dream to inspire people. I never wanted to sell high priced domain names. I was not interested bragging about high domain sales. There are no goals that made me want to continue the domain journey. Domaining is another bump in the road that set me off course. I'm glad I realized that dreams cannot be wasted doing something that does little to better society.

I couldn't stand hearing Frank Schilling speak of domain names as if they are the heart of the Internet. If so, then domain names like and are wasted domain names that could be transformed into better sites instead of worthless parked sites. These investors waste good sites. They want a fortune, so end-users must choose whether to invest in the domain name or spend thousands on marketing expenses to grow their website.

I see too many hyphenated domain names produce high traffic. You need quality content that is original. Who cares about a domain name. You can easily start a Blogger or a WordPress blog and deliver traffic. You don't have to spend a fortune. I want to own However, the owner wants $1700 for the domain name. I refuse to pay that amount when I'm essentially struggling to survive. The domain name is not worth half of that amount. It would be cool to own the name. For the most part, my blog is already on Google Page #1.

My main goal is to invest time into writing what I like most. I enjoy writing screenplays and stories. I put my screenwriting and story writing on hold to write domain articles to inform the domain community. The time spent in the domain world compromised my dream. The domain dream is never one I considered. There are many domainers that want to make $100K per year.

I would rather work as a writer than to sell domain names to take advantage of businesses. However, the spirituality dot me domain name is extremely valuable. I do own some domains that I envision as future websites. I probably would not sell these sites at any price. They are attached to innovative business ideas that will represent my future. Despite struggling after graduate school, I finally realized that I wasted my time as a domainer.

Don't waste your time doing something you dislike. If you have a dream, stay on the right trail. The more time you waste leaving the trail, the harder it will be to accomplish your dreams. There are good people in the world. Don't allow the bad people to make you think that helping another is wrong. Go after your education. Avoid student loans unless you have no alternatives to fund your education. Obtaining student loans can adversely impact your future. Always believe in your dream. Thanks for reading.      

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