Monday, August 15, 2011

Choose an exciting topic to fuel your writing

To most people the act of writing sickens them. Writer's block commonly complicates a short essay assignment. What do you do to improve your writing abilities? Choosing an exciting topic can alleviate anxiety associated with the writing process.

Writing about business may reduce your interest level. However, writing about dreams will improve your creativity level. An interesting topic will help your writing flow. The most passionate writers have their bouts with writer's block. These writers learn to overcome writer's block using various techniques.
  • Choose interesting topic
  • Break down the project into parts
  • Annotated Bibliography or outline
  • Locate sources ahead of the writing process
  • Begin working on the project on the first day
  • Give yourself time to revise the paper
  • Go to the library to avoid distractions at home
  • Clear your mind with relaxation techniques
  • Take a break to rest the mind
Writing requires dedication and discipline. Focus on writing as if it is the central focus of creativity. Enable your mind to relax through performing meditation and breathing exercises. Writing can increase your stress level. Many students and professionals struggle to make it past the first page. The best advice I can give you is to choose an interesting topic that invigorates your mind.  Thanks for reading.   

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