Thursday, July 28, 2011

Astral Writer seems to be buiding a fan following: Random Thoughts

I developed a few months ago. Astral Writer is not a common term in the astral space, though the domain name does however have a cool ring to it. Want to learn more about astral projection? Check out Astral Writer. is another blog I commonly contribute content on. If you want to enter the domain space, check out the blog. Domaining is not as fun since several of my top sites were de indexed at WhyPark.

The American economy is an utter disaster. The debt ceiling fiasco is wearing thin on the American people. I'm sure they would rather see the government focus more on education and energy policy making.

I consider myself lucky to have completed a graduate degree this past March. Most California universities and state colleges are denying students due to severe budget constraints. However, there is little activity in California's job front to make a ROI.  

My parent's hometown, Suisun City, is experiencing budgetary problems in result of California's decision to collect the redevelopment funds they previously gave cities to stimulate their local development projects. Therefore, the millions in funding that must be returned to the state will likely lead to pink slips.

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Hopefully, everything is going well for the rest of you. Keep following your dreams because you owe it to yourself to accomplish success. Thanks for reading.

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