Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Women Assume All Men are Cheaters

Women accuse men of cheating. Men are often questioned about their whereabouts. However,  it is acceptable for women to make inconsiderate comments regarding things they know that will create conflict. They will search through a man's phone, wallet, and in their computer to find evidence to prove their transgressions. Women will tell their men that it is only a matter of time before they find enough evidence to support their claim. Women can accuse their men of cheating, but men will get scolded for thinking their women may be unfaithful. 

A man buys groceries, drops mail off at the Post Office, and runs a few other errands. He leaves home, and then returns a few hours later. During the time he is gone, he takes a moment to nap in a store parking lot. His life is filled with chronic stress.

Most of the time he can't find sufficient time to relax. Sleep is nonexistent. He wakes up in the morning drenched in sweat. The man has to worry about paying all the living expenses. He is expected to pull the weight to keep the relationship moving forward. Women don't understand that men can't always make large purchase, such as buying cars, homes, diamond rings, and going on trips. They already have to worry about taking care of what is required to make a living.

So when the man leaves home to do errands, he is in no rush to go back home. His home environment is the source of his chronic stress, which restricts him from accomplishing his long-term goals. His woman attacks his goals, dreams, and his weaknesses. She knows how to frustrate, irritate, and belittle him. Whereas, her intentions are not to cause him pain, she knows exactly what she is doing to control her man. She will remind him of past incidents, such as ones that she refused to believe any other way other than the obvious.  

There is a lack of trust. Women even look to their dreams as evidence to support infidelity. She has a dream that her man is cheating. Her response to the dream is that it is a sign of her man's infidelity. The woman will suggest her dream can't mean nothing other than what her mind thinks. Although researchers prepare dream studies that prove otherwise, she still thinks that her mind is capable of predicting wrongdoing. She is so preoccupied with cheating that there is no way she will totally trust her man. The man has no chance in the face of the media. 

The woman questions her man for locking his phone. Many people lock their phone. Mostly everyone locks their phone to preserve the battery life and to protect information within the phone in case it gets lost She will listen to a teenager, assuming the man is hiding something. He can prove there is nothing going on with showing his phone records, but the woman is too close-minded to rationalize. She will make sarcastic comments to attack his confidence and disrespect him. It is the woman that has insecurity and trust issues, which inhibit her surrounding environment. Will the media write stories on women cheaters? Probably not. 

The media draws people into their deceptive world. Such biased writers attack weaknesses, releasing infidelity claims to brainwash women without thinking they are equally a part of the collective problem. The media are like preachers policing what they think are supposed to represent the standards. Tigers Woods gets caught cheating with several women, so that automatically suggests every man is also duplicating such actions. Tony Parker is caught text messaging his teammate's wife. The media tell women to question their men on locking phones and setting computer passwords. Media writers make shrewd references to any celebrity who is accused of cheating. The damage is already done - the media is winning. 

On television and on the Internet, women enter a domain that makes them neurotic. They believe every written word, and are convinced that experts are 100% accurate. They can't stop thinking about anything other than cheating and money. There are many good men that are accused of cheating, when in fact they are honest people. Women put too much pressure on their men. They don't make life any easier because they they refuse to help their men with living expenses and to respect their contribution. Not every women thinks or acts this way. 

You have to love the media for messing the world up. They are the reason minorities struggle to be accepted into a biased society. To think that the times have changed is only an illusion. I'm not pessimistic, or want to rain on your parade. The media is a POS. They make women think that all men are cheaters. On the opposing side, men have to deal with rude comments and false accusations.

If a Christian person murders another person, the media will not accuse all Christians as killers. When Muslims are involved in masterminding and carrying out a controversial attack, the media will convince Americans that Muslims are dangerous, and thoughtless savages. Of course, the media is discrete with conveying the hate message. The messages are as subtle as comments women make to spark conflict.

Celebrities, talk shows, and articles cover cheating. Jerry Springer brings cheating to light. The Cheaters show chronicle actions of serial cheaters. Women believe that all men are cheaters. Should men accept the criticism? Or challenge false perceptions that attack their credibility? I'll never understand why many women can't think beyond media perception. They trust unreliable data and sources that expose conflict, only provoking women to develop a deep hatred for their men.

The media are the real home wreckers. They brainwash women to believe in their unethical tactics. Women assume that all men are cheaters, while men are scolded for even thinking their women are unfaithful. On the flip side, the media cheats society of quality information. Women believe that men are cheaters because the media manipulates information to build traffic, to increase their rating, and to sell magazines and newspapers.

In order for women to bypass the media's POS tactics, they have to call out the writers who introduce biased articles. They should communicate their concerns with their man. If their women thinks they are text messaging or calling another women, ask to see a cellular phone bill. Phone bills don't lie. What I assess in many situations are women will go the distance to prove their men are cheaters, but they will do little to help with living expenses, to respect their men, and to reduce stress at home.

Women shouldn't assume a man is hiding information from them. Believe it or not, the main problem may be within the women, who are actually the ones that possibly have insecurity and trust issues dating back to a past issue. They probably need counseling to help them trust men, as well as people. Women that don't trust their men sometimes may also have problems trusting people, in general. Men can't blame women for believe everything the media preaches. The media wants to stir up conflict.

Women have to make a decision to trust the media or accept their men. A time will come when a man will grow tired of their woman's accusations. He will eventually leave. A women must evaluate their situation. Are they insecure? Do they have past trust issues? Women who assume that all men are cheaters are just as much to blame for failed relationships than the media is for writing biased articles. The media only reports the news. They leave it up to the reader to assess, evaluate, interpret, and to determine whether the information is consistent with their situation.

The next time a woman accuses a man of cheating through sending text messages and calling other women, they can ask to see a phone bill. If the phone bill fails to prove the cheating claim, then maybe it is time for them to visit a counselor to find the source of their insecurity and trust issues. Jealousy is only good to an extent. When jealousy turns into accusations, and then hatred, a relationship will eventually end on a bad note. Develop a cognitive perception to rise above the media.   

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