Monday, January 24, 2011

The Oscar race begins tomorrow

Every year I follow the Oscar race. The category I find most appealing is the Best Original Screenplay and the Best Adapted Screenplay. I have been wanting to become screenwriter for 18 years now. Whereas, I missed out on a few opportunities because I wasn't prepared, I have hope I will make it in Hollywood as a screenwriter.

I have a bin full of past scripts I have written. Many of these scripts are marketable, and some are even touching. I incorporate my personal experiences into these characters. Everything that I experienced in life could be viewed a mistake, but then I know a lot because of such unfortunate events.

My life goes along the lines that I shouldn't question or complain about hardship. Every good and bad moment prepares one to meet their fate with courage. Success is only attained with hard work. I worked very hard in my life. Life is never easy for me. I seem to find the worst obstacle in every event.

The Oscar nominations, the race to the Oscars, and the actual event will motivate me to try harder to attain my screenwriting dream. I can't give up on something that I'm good at. I  have been wanting this dream for half of my life, and probably even before that, but I didn't decide on it yet. The Oscar race begins tomorrow, which I think Natalie Portman will be nominated for Best Actress.

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