Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to make Money Online

The Internet is full of moneymaking opportunities. You have to be active in searching online to benefit from online jobs. There are many blogs that write that making money is easy, or is impossible. Making money online is possible with persistence and patience. How do you make money online?

1. Purchasing popular domain names will make you money. Visit or to learn more about buying and selling domain names.

2. Open a blog spot account to start a blog. Sign up for an affiliate account at Write content that is consistent with the blog name. Place relevant banners on your blog. You might not make a fortune yet, but you'll be maximizing your moneymaking opportunities, which will increase your chances to earn money with having several revenue generators moving at the same time.

3. Do you enjoy writing academic papers? You can take advantage of the links on the side panel of Magic Writer. Freelance Writing Center is hiring writers to write for students (update: the freelance site is not hiring at this moment). You will get paid a project fee based on your feedback. is a popular place to write short "how to" articles for $15 per article, or to share revenue on the article. I recommend taking revenue share when writing an article you know will be extremely popular.

4. Student of Fortune will pay you prepare article projects. There is usually a bounty on every project. Furthermore, you can prepare tutorials to make money on downloads. Student of Fortune is a good online writing position for any student, or a person that enjoy academic related projects.

5. Sign up for a free account at InboxDollars. They will pay you to click on paid e-mails that enter your e-mail box. You may only make .03 per e-mail, buy 1000 clicks can make you $30. You will receive a few e-mails a day. InboxDollars also pays you to do surveys and to sign up for free trials.

6. Sign up for a free account at Coupon Cactus. You can make money shopping. For the most part, Coupon Cactus get paid commission for you using their site to visit website such as Wal-Mart, Target, GoDaddy, and thousands of other websites. Coupon Cactus also offers cool coupons.

7. Have you had bad custom service? I'm sure every has at one point or another. You can sign up to be a mystery shopper. You can accept shops, which pay you a shop fee and an expense to pay for the merchandise. Sometimes, shop companies offer you a bonus on certain shops.

ServiceCheck is a good company that pays out the following month after completing shops. At first, you will have to pay for out-of-pocket, but the shop company is reliable in making payments. ServiceCheck has many cool shops. There are steps you must follow. However, you will enjoy them.

8. eLance pays their members to bid on projects. Essentially, the website is a freelance market that caters to writers, computer graphic designers, and website developers, logo designers, and others. If you have a skill, you will find some great jobs there. 

9. There are many websites on the Internet that need content. If you enjoy writing research on health related content, you may find an opportunity there.

10., Shvoong, and are popular writing websites that can be rewarding if you enjoy writing. Shvoong is a website that you can write abstracts. You can also work on paid assignments there. is a quality writing center that gives you flexibility.

There are many moneymaking opportunities for college students, adults, and those who need a second form of employment. I will definitely search for more reliable moneymaking opportunities. The websites above are all reliable in making payments.

Most people are skeptical on whether to trust a company, especially when they will be giving out their personal information. In addition, one will have to invest their time into completing projects and assignments. Trust is a relevant factor to consider.

Every person wants to make sure they get paid for your hard work. The online companies described above have a good reputation for taking care of their members. Good luck on making money online.