Friday, July 2, 2010

Struggling makes you stronger

Many people consider their life struggles as bad luck. When moments appear most grim, they tend to blame bad luck for unfortunate occurrences. It is easy to complain and criticize another. However, you have to look at your struggles as a strategy to building knowledge.

At one point or another, we all have made mistakes. Once a person makes a mistake, they will benefit from the struggle. It will definitely make them much more stronger. Assess your mistakes as you would a term paper or a budget. Try to determine the source of the bad decision. Why were you so quick to make a decision? Did money play a role in your decision? Wants? Materialism?

I learned that struggling makes a person stronger because they will avoid making the same mistakes. They can share their experience with many others to prevent the same results. Struggling makes you stronger. Bad luck is only an excuse. however, good luck luck is something that truly exists.

Yesterday, I had an entire day filled with good luck. While good luck is rare for me, I can easily support it. Three rare occurrences took place in the same place. These are moments which are extremely rare, and don't usually occur. I would have considered them to be impossible before I experienced them.

At the exact instance you notice good luck, seize every second - take advantage of the moment. I believe that every person has spurts of good luck. When you start to think that you're having bad luck, step back and assess the situation. Most likely the bad luck is a bad decision or ones of those moments where you need to reevaluate the decision.

In essence, struggling make you stronger. If you make mistakes, you will then avoid making the same decision twice. Sometimes people have to make the same mistakes a few times before they realize the mistakes or the bad habits. Good luck on gaining knowledge through your life struggles. Life struggles is the best real-world experience.

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