Thursday, July 15, 2010

Name Tumbler issues

I decided to use Name Tumbler to see if I could find some two word domains with "ticket" or "tickets" as part of the domain. I entered "tickets" as a suggested word. Name Tumbler processed over a hundred .com domains that are still available.  However, I don't trust the system enough to use it. Why?

Several premium domain names showed up on the list:,,,,, and Neither of these domain names were available. Of course, I know they would be worth a fortune, and would never end up on a registration list. is a major travel website. The website is probably worth more than $4 million. I thought someone made the mistake to let the name registration drop. We all know that is impossible, especially for a website as popular as Cheap Tickets. is another major domains. The website sells Wicked Broadway tickets, as well as other projected related to Broadway's most successful show. There is no way possible the domain name will ever be available for the price of registration. I almost thought I got lucky, but as we all know - good luck is putting in the work to become successful.

In analyzing the list, there are many errors as to what is available and what is not. Even was gone. I came to the conclusion that the only way to find a good domain name is to use Google's search window. Otherwise, you're wasting your time trying to tumble names that are not available, well unless they're bad domain names.  


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