Monday, March 8, 2010

What can education get you these days?

After earning many degrees, I still have yet to see the value in my education. I believe that people respect me better because i have education, but are there any other advantages for acquiring higher education? I have helped many students to earn their degrees. I always hear about how a degree now is worth very little as opposed to education in the past. I have taken advantage of every opportunity given to me. Times seem to be getting tougher than ever before.

So really, what can an education get you these days? I have been searching for my dream since the mid 90's. I've made many sacrifices. I paid my due many times over again. To this moment in time, I am worse off then I was after graduating high school nearly 16 years ago. I served in the military in the 90's as a medical technician, and then attended many great college to earn degrees. I have a handful of degrees, excellent writing skills and strong communication skills. Where has my education taken me?

I am still trying to figure out whether education is necessary. When you owe a fortune in student loans, you start to think if making the sacrifices to earn degrees is worth a lifetime of debt. If I don't live my dream, then I am forced to accept making little money, which will never be enough to pay off my student loan debts. It will take the latter part of my life to make a dent into the loans. It is not worth the effort to be looked at as being intelligent. Any person can learn to write, especially through reading books and communicating with people. Essentially, a person should make their own decisions in life, and avoid listening to what others are suggesting for them to do.

I noticed that my education has helped me to provide for others. Many students have graduated because I helped them to overcome their writing weaknesses and to influence them to realize their potential. Maybe that is considered my reward for improving my education. My professional writing dream is still waiting on the back burner. Until I make it there, I will continue trying to take advantage of every opportunity, possible leading me to become successful. I will prepare myself with confronting my weaknesses and improving my strengths. I urge you all to reflect on your mistakes to better prepare yourself. Good luck!

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