Monday, March 8, 2010

How do you sell domains? Who will buy them?

I have many great domains which I purchased within the past month. Many of my domains target traveling, jobs and other popular areas. In addition, they have high monthly searches and high cost per click value. Instead of looking for future worth, I managed to find unclaimed domains that were already worth good money.

Now I'm experiencing problems with selling my domains. I won a domain on an auction, which is valued at $2600. I haven't had any luck attracting attention to it, even though it receives 700 page views a day. I recently put it on at a Go Daddy auction, and never received a bid on the domain. A month earlier, I was battling a few dozen bidders on trying to acquire it. I also tried to use price suggestions on Sedo to sell my domains, which is supposed to determine price according based on market demand. I haven't attracted any attention to my portfolio.

Maybe I need to be patient about the process. Sometimes we never get the results we hope for until we relax. I have many great domains which are worth good money. Many of them target highly popular areas and items. I am good with finding the gems, but can't seem to sell any of them. I know that it will take money to make money. I will have to select my best domains, which I can then have them appraised and pay the extra money to increase their exposure. I have the skills to make a good buy, but haven't determined the best strategy to sell them. If anyone has any good ideas as to how I can find buyers, I will appreciate the advice.

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