Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazon is a reliable company

Last month I purchased a Western Digital external hard drive from Amazon. When I received the drive, I was excited because it enabled me to free up some space off of my hard drive. After connecting the unit, my Apple experienced problems with detecting it. At first the icon showed up on the screen, and then a few hours later it disappeared, never returning back again.

I contacted WD regarding the defective drive. They returned a message with instructions on how to load the drive. However, the drive still didn't work. I visited Best Buy to determine whether the drive was actually defective. One of the Apple specialists tested the unit on a Mac, and discovered that the drive was a lemon. Afterward, I returned home and logged into the Amazon system, I noticed that they had an option to make exchanges. I selected the option, and explained to them what had happened.

I was able to place another order on the drive, which Amazon sent to me overnight without charging me the second time around. I returned the defective drive with a free UPS label they provided me. The new drive worked perfectly. Because of Amazon's noble effort, I will continue to shop there. I consider them to be a reliable company that wants to maintain a long-term business relationship. Thanks again Amazon.

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