Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The lonely world of writing

As a writer, it is sometimes hard to find continuity between professional and personal life. There is never enough time to accomplish tasks because most of your energy goes into preparing insightful pieces. I imagine artists also have to pull from within mind to withstand loneliness. At times you enjoy what you do, then there are moments you question your craft. It is really craft, or another form of mental torture? When I produce great work, I feel compelled to continue on the journey.

I have no idea how I will accomplish my writing goals. It will take another person with power to read my work, but we all know that these people base success on past performance. There is never a time in which one wants to trust a new talent. It doesn't matter whether this talent has tremendous education and communicational composure. Well, the time comes to make a decision to determine whether the road will take me to the right destination.

The more I write, the less people read my work. I have to avoid that type of mentality. I know that my skills are in demand. I've written many thoughtful pieces, but I seem to have a small audience. I write on several Web Sites, also having only a few so-called friends viewing my work. I invested time writing for screenplay competitions. Each time I fail to entice the judges with my stories. Sometimes I'm praised for my work, and then there are moments that I receive heavy criticism. That is the fun part of being a writer. Because, you never know how people will respond to your writing.

Writing is a lonely craft. You have to constantly figure out effective ways to ward off writer's block. I have noticed myself falling into writing quicksand more frequently. Before, I could defeat the times in which my writing would abruptly cease without a warning. I have to listen to relaxing music to keep my mind interested in the work. I can easily write stories. The main problem is trying to please an assortment of instructors who have different opinions. Whereas, I feel it to be frustrating because you face new challenges which present near impossible obstacles. I am confident that one day I will make it to the right destination.

The writing industry is a game to which one has to comply with simple demands. I have been in the writing minor leagues for the past decade. I have waited for an opportunity to make it to the professional league. I missed many opportunities to make it there because I wasn't prepared. Sometimes I would like to find another creative mind to help me carve out many stories stored in my arsenal of ideas. Writing brings a loneliness which I believe to worth the journey. You can create work that many people will enjoy. I guess, for now, I can continue to write because it is what motivates me to do good in this word. When the right moment comes around, I will be ready for it.

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