Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Writing Tip for the Day 9/1/09

The writing tip for the day is to revise academic papers, screenplays, and any other body of work. Revising past work will improve your analytical, writing, and reading skills. Have you ever noticed mistakes on a body of work you thought was perfect? I'm sure that many people critical about their writing abilities. Revising work will make you a better writer, improving your ability to become a better writer.

Dig up some old papers; look in the computer hard drive, in a memory stick, and in a plastic bin holding you favorite college papers. If you have access to your high school research papers, then use those as well. Why are we revising past work?

Revising papers that you written before helps you determine what will make the work better. Some writers find a body of writing from a few weeks back to be a travesty. The mind is always growing, and it does become fatigued from living life. Writing is a craft that a person can lose if they don't take part in activities and processes. The phrase "Use it, or Lose it," is familiar to writing. Failing to keep your writing skills up-to-date deprives you of becoming a better writer. Revising work commands the attention of writing.

Screenwriters have to revise their script numerous times. They can't expect to write a perfect draft on first time around. There is no such thing as a perfect draft. A studio has the last word because the finance massive projects; they're a business that uses investments (scripts) to make profit. Writers that sell their screenplays have to revise a script multiple times. The budget, location, the characters, the concept, and other factors influence the outcome of a script. The life of a script parallels that of a person. Many times a writer is expected to make critical changes in a script, but sometime oppose doing so for lack of creative appeal.

Screenwriters that respect their scripts struggle to accept any such changes that pushes away from their creation. In Hollywood, screenplays have a dollar sign attached to them. Producers are looking for the next winning lottery ticket. Writers that want to carve out artistic scripts have to accept a lesser form of work such as reality gigs to pay the bills. That's besides the point in the revision process. Revising work improves the writing process, and attracts attention to a writer's work.

The mind processes information, which sometimes creates sentence structures and words that are nonexistent in writing handbooks and dictionaries. Stress, writer's block, and financial distress are obstacles that influence the writing process. Every writer notices days in which their writing flows. On the other hand, they become amazed with their ability to flush out sentences like a painter does in creating a masterpiece. Writers know that the revision process is mandatory.

Writers have to be critical of their personal work. While a writer challenges their writing, they have to respect the work of peers to avoid burning any bridges. Why revise with a critical eye? Revising work with a critical eyes fine-tunes your skill. I can guarantee you that each time you read a body of work, you will find something wrong with it. A week later, the most perfect sentence sounds like a mere disaster. Revising work improves the mind, most likely helping it to accept that changes are necessary, and expected.

Why are humans such critical beings? Many don't mean to be critical. Society is critical. The focus group in society includes the media, bloggers, web surfers, and any other person with a mind. Writers that produce mediocre work will hear an earful. Critics will trash the work, making a professional writer feel like an amateur. Don't fear being critiqued. Most of the time feedback is helpful because it allows one to take part in the revision process. It shows the power of a writer. Writers have to weather the storm for days, months, year, and even decades. Revising work keeps a writing in the groove. They have the chance to step away from producing work from scratch, instead find ways to fix a completed body of work. Students have to deal with the same process, but they sometimes have trouble accepting criticism; they take any feedback as an insult.

Revising college papers involve removing adjectives like "very" or adding in content to help sentences flow better. However, students notice the difference in grading from one instructor to the next. One instructor praises their work while another shoves it through a shredder. Some students don't like poor grades, especially when they have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. Criticism frustrates a student, shattering their confidence into a million pieces. Student have to understand that revising their work improves the writing process. It is highly likely that their first draft was written the night before or a week before the deadline. Every paper needs some tweaking to make it better - a readable work that covers all the main points.

Get into the habit of revising your work; revise work that belongs to others. Offer to read an aspiring screenwriter's script, giving them a free analysis of their work. The revision process is important for helping the mind grow. Unlike a computer, the mind has feelings - a person needs reassurance. Criticism makes people try harder for what they want out of life. The revision process make success possible. Constructive criticism is not always available, as some like to criticize work out of spite, or for other reasons beyond helping the project to become better.

Revising work does just that; it challenges a writer, making them prove their worthy enough to make the necessary changes to squash their critics. They want their fans to salivate over the writing, falling into each word - hearing, seeing, smelling, and forcing the senses to work all at once. Scripts have the same impact as novels, and other bodies of work. Revising work makes any person, not just a writer, a better communicator. A better writer that uses words to effectively communicate their thoughts with ease.

Revising work is part of the writing process - one of the most important components in writing. Everyone writes at one point or another. Writing is a skill that attracts widespread attention. People that hate writing actually take part in the revision process in their everyday life. They are creating words within their mind to respond to others. They have to author the next comment. People fix their past problems in making adjustments. Writing is a silent craft, which a writer has the ability subliminally speak out to their audience.

The revision transform writing into a voice. It gives writing the legs to walk through the valley of critics with confidence. Revisions are made to please an audience. Revise some work today. Improve your ability to communicate the process of change. I urge you to not let another minute pass by without revising a piece of writing - an e-mail, letter, an academic paper, an article, and even a thought. Thank you for taking the time to reading the daily writing tip for the day.

Have fun revising, and know that you're doing it for a good cause.

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