Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to add a personal e-mail signature to your MSN e-mails

Have you ever wondered how others create those personal e-mail signatures? I finally figured out the process. Follow the steps below to transform your e-mail messages into a nice blend of personal information, quotes, a marketing tool, and an advertising beast.


Step 1. Log into the MSN LIVE e-mail account.

Step 2. Click on options - next to top right side of the screen - below picture.

Step 3. Click on more options at the bottom of the short list.

Step 4. Scroll down until you reach "Customize Your E-mail."

Step 5. Click below on the personal e-mail signature link.

Step 6. Type in any relevant information, name, business, quotes, and advertisements.

Step 7. Click on the globe hyperlink function to add click-able links.

Step 8. If you want, change the color, font, and color using the tool bar above.

Step 9. After you finish constructing your personal signature, hover over the personal signature, select all, and press right click (copy). Use this process as a backup plan to avoid losing the contents in case the account logs out.

Step 10. Click on save for changes to go into effect.

Step 11. Send a test e-mail to your account. Check the e-mail for accuracy.

Step 12. Have fund sending those stylish e-mails.

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