Monday, August 31, 2009

Writing tip of the day 8/31/09

The writing tip of the day is to draw a pyramid. Make a list of what it will take to accomplish your dream. Put your ultimate goal at the top of the pyramid. Starting from the bottom, write down everything that you need to make it to the next level.

Follow each of the steps in sequential order. Don't skip steps unless you have confidence in meeting those challenges. The pyramid of success will give you an idea of what it takes to deliver your challenges and obstacle in exchange for your goals.

How will you ever know what it takes to accomplish a dream if you never try? Be reflect back on your life, and have regrets about missing out because of fear of success. The time is now to make your dreams happen. If you want to be a television writer, write down what it will take to get a job on a prime time show.

On the pyramid, you will include anything that relates to writing such as training to complete work, meeting deadlines, avoiding procrastination, accepting criticism, and anything else that will hold you back in becoming success in the field. Do research at the library, on the web, and take a drive out to a physical location. Communicate your intentions, make your dreams known to others.

The pyramid activity can work for anything in life. You can use it to advance in your career, education, saving for a trip, and many other goals. Essentially, the goal is to know what it takes to accomplish a dream. This way, you're not locked in a tunnel trying to find the light. You will always have the light right by your side to guide you in the darkest, and most grimmest moments in life.

You don't have to be an artist to draw a pyramid. The foundation of the pyramid will have the most steps. The higher you climb, the least amount of tasks there will be to accomplish. With less tasks, the challenges become more intense, possibly testing you will to continue on down the path of success. Never give into criticism unless you use it to advance as advice to make it through your journey, and in realizing your dreams.

Have fun making your pyramids!

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