Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing tip for the day 9/07/09

The writing tip for the day is to reflect on your journey. Take a moment to think about your accomplishments. If you feel that you have failed to accomplish anything, be positive that everything in life takes time. Writing is about know knowing, experiencing, and learning about a subject. This writing tip will help you learn about your future.

Many people take part in the writing process. Some enjoy it more than others while another batch of people despise the act of any writing activities. The process of writing is one that links to transformation. A writers need to know the story direction, as well as their own destination. One could identify the direction as being the journey, which uses a set of directions to guide one in a journey to uncover their hidden potential.

The unconscious mind is aware of what you want, but it refuses to make that information available. With putting your goals in perspective, your unconscious mind will share your desires within dreams. Focus on dreams as being a search engine, or even a GPS to guide you to the right destination. We spend too much time trying to figure out what we want. There is not enough planning involved; finding ways to make your wants a reality. People are not selfish for wanting to accomplish dreams.

Dreams have the ability to transform an ordinary person into a success story. Some people assume that people have to be smart, have ideal physical characteristics, and need to know someone successful. Another group may suggest that hanging out with successful people helps one to program success into their mind.

Wealthy people tend to be portrayed in the Hollywood films such as Titanic as being boring elitists - discussing politics, investments, and money during every given moment. Wealthy people understand the system of success. Some fall into success overnight, and others have to work hard to spread their vision. Remember; live life for your own dreams, don't misfire on success due to outside influences.

What is the goal of this writing activity? Essentially, a person can't realize their success unless they understand the journey in reaching the destination. Any strong leader knows about journeys and destinations. They have single handedly carried each successful accomplishment into realizing their dreams. President Obama made the transformation from educator to being the first African American President of the United States. Every dream is possible. Never place a limit on success.

Reflect on the accomplishments you have done to this point in your life. What have you learned in the process? Have you gained a perspective about life? Every accomplishment prepares a person to take on another challenge. A person that constantly fails may lose hope of the destination. It is important to know your destination.

Make the journey to capture to capture your dreams. Obstacles and challenges transform people from wanting a dream into one that is living a dream. The difference between a dream and success is accomplishments. Once a person accomplishes a dream, they feel successful. Not every dream will gain social attention. Go after a dream because you have a desire to make yourself happy.

After reflecting on your accomplishments, write down what you would like to accomplish in the near future. Plan short-term goals first to designate a starting point. Once you become comfortable with short-term goals, go after the long-terms success that awaits you. Write down any obstacles and potential challenges that may steer you off course, making the journey more challenging, and your negative thoughts more invasive. Settle down; enjoy the simple moments in life.

Every student, writer, professional, and person needs a sense of direction. They have to know what they want out of life. Writing down what you want is a start, but going after what it takes to accomplish a dream takes strategy. Map out your writing with the same system; beginning a journey, discussing the issues, and concluding with delivering your successful completion to a destination. Thank you for reading the daily writing tips.

Have fun using direction to complete any task, goal, and dream.

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