Monday, September 7, 2009

Make it a habit to select all and copy content before submitting

Every writer knows that losing good work is frustrating. In the world of writing, time means everything. Deadlines can make it break a project. Make it a habit to select all and copy any content before submitting it. Why?

While technology has come a log way, it also interferes with our creativity. We have to be especially careful to avoid trusting technology to deliver out work.

Copy every body of work before electing to submit. This advice goes for any student, professional, occasional web surfer, and for any other person. After successfully submitting work, then thee is nothing to worry about. If the system goes haywire, at least you have the ability to log in again, and paste the content.

Not every writer likes to use Microsoft Word or the word processing programs to create work. Blog websites have work processing templates that spark good writing.

Remember; select the work, copy it, and have it on standby just in case the submission process fails.

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