Monday, September 7, 2009

Imagining a Dream

In order to live a dream, you have to imagine it. Instead of putting your dreams behind the pile, make them the center of attention. Frame your dream within your mind. Get one of the best frames in the world. This is no ordinary dream.

It deserves one of those fancy frames that couples buy for their wedding photos. You will be living with this dream for the rest of your life.

Many times a person loses focus of a dream. Take a moment to relax. Sit down on the softest sofa, on the grass in a park, or at the most quietest place. Close your eyes; try to picture what the dream road looks like.

Whenever you experience an unfortunate round of challenges, imagine the dream again. Rediscovering your groove will reaffirm the dream, giving you a sense of purpose for go after it.

Keep dreaming; soon your dreams will be a waking success.

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