Monday, September 7, 2009

The Blog Spot is the Best

After trying out other writing accounts, I have found the Blog Spot to have the best writing processor software? Why? Other companies have software issues that cause me to lose valuable work after the submission process.

I spend too much trying to figure out software issues. E-mail accounts have the same tendency to log out after you send a powerful e-mail. The Blog Spot programmed their website in such a way, it prevent a blogger from losing content.

The Blog Spot allows one to public a post. If the system logs out, just log back in. The blog contents will be saved and published. The word processor also saved the blog during the process of typing the content. I have never lost any valuable work on the website.

After trial and error, and many frustrating moments, I have discovered that the Blog Spot is the most efficient website for publishing posts. The Blog Spot gets the Gold Excellence Aware for the best blogger website.

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