Monday, September 7, 2009

Life tip for the day

Whenever you make any credit card or other bill payments online, be sure to confirm the right amount and the correct bank account. Some people have more than 1 account to make payments. Online mistakes are common.

Take for instance; you want to make a car payment on Capital One for $300, but you're rushing to beat the deadline or other things are distracting. What happens? The payment link has the total payoff or the last month statement ending balanced preselected. What makes matters worse are that you also selected the wrong account. After going through the process, you fail to confirm the selections.

After making a payment, view the pending payment to ensure that it is the right amount and coming from the right account. Taking a second to confirm will save you from making costly mistakes. Also make your mistakes worth the trouble. In the future, you may need to ask for a fee removed because of not having enough funds or due to identity theft.

Double check everything you do that involves money. Losing out on fees and having bad credit is not worth the trouble. Money is too hard to make these days. Good luck.

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