Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Writing tip of the day 8/18/2009

The writing tip for the day is to dig up old work - on your computer hard drive, in a plastic container, or on a memory stick. Try to read the old paper, then figure out ways to improve the writing.

The revision process is considered one of the most important stages in writing. Whether one is a screenwriter, novelist, or a student, the revision process will benefit each and every writer that uses it to its fullest potential.

Read through a paper once. Do it a second time, but this time focus on the writing style, the context in word usage, the structure, and paragraph opening, closings, and transitions. Work with the paper to see ways to make it better. Try to select papers that you like, and not ones that make to cringe at the thought of them.

Take pride in the revision process because it will definitely make you a better writer. Ask questions, take notes, add and remove content, and be proactive in deciding what the paper needs to be better. For screenplays, change dialogue, add action and sounds, remove content, reverse scenes, and be more creative with the characters and the paradigm.

Peer editing papers is looked as being a waste of time. But treating the revision process of any such work with respect, you will find a great opportunity in the future, leading you to land a job at a good company - if writing is your main goal.

Dig out those old papers, brush the dust off them, and work on making the papers the best they can be. The same process can be done for screenplays and creative stories. Remember to ask questions, add and remove contents, check the context of words, improve paragraph openings and transitions, and to make sure the writing flows from beginning to end.

Have fun revising!

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