Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Academic Writing - Regarding writing service companies and freelance writers

Last night, I was surfing around the Internet for some blogs discussing academic writing, which I then remembered about an essay scam site that I had viewed before. Many students complained about past experiences regarding whether they should trust a writing service company and freelance writers.

Some students asked where they could find writing assistance because they were struggling with their academic assignments. I decided to open up a discussion about what assistance students would need to complete their assignments. I understand that interest level and procrastination are primary reasons that influence academic assignments. But students brought up relevant issues such as plagiarism, cheating, struggling with the content, and other issues.

Plagiarism is something that a student may stress about because instructors try to induce fear, making the writing process stressful and uninteresting. Don't be alarmed about plagiarism. If you're one of those students that uses a writer's manual to cite, then just ignore the instructor. They only threaten student for the sake of preventing cheating and to target students that purposely plagiarize on assignments. I can't tell you how many times that I have sat in university classrooms hearing instructors warn students about plagiarism and cheating.

Once I started freelance writing a few years back, the same issues come up again. The instructors are warning students that over cite, improperly cite, and ones that obviously cheat. Some students wait until the last minute - procrastination - and tress out about the deadline. Their last resort is to paraphrase without giving credit to authors. Other times they just flat out copy and paste an article or an academic paper in Google Scholar. How can a student avoid plagiarism?

Make sure you have an up-to-date writer's handbook, which has all the most widely used citing guidelines. I tend to stick only to APA and MLA. I rarely take on Turabian and Chicago. To me, it is basically a time issue. Clients need projects on the fly, so there is limited time trying to use superscripts and also footnotes and end notes. If I had to, I could cite in Chicago and Turabian, but I prefer not to, just to avoid any conflict. APA citing guidelines and structure takes practice.

When I first started writing APA before, one of the graduate instructors mentioned the third person. Since I was new to APA, I eventually learned after taking on freelance projects and completing large volumes of government assignments which required APA. I sometimes had fear about making sure that I cited everything right and didn't make any such mistakes that could cause me potential issues. Please don't fear instructors, as many of them have teacher assistants that are just as inexperienced as any other.

TAs' tend to threaten students because a sense of power, having control of a lecture and a discussion. While at a university, I had to take film courses that required discussions, screenings, seminars, and main class sessions. For one course, I had to go to five different classes.

Many times I would find it pointless to attend a discussion that reiterated on what the other four sessions had done about the same specific film theory processes. Though, I found great comfort in taking screenwriting courses because you knew what to expect each class session. TA's are still learning about the writing process. They are not experts in detecting plagiarism because they too, also have problems with citing guidelines. Don't let them try to influence you or eve make you think about plagiarism. They are just warning students about the obvious forms of plagiarism.

Instructors that warn students about writing companies and hiring a writer because they can spot the work from a mile away are incapable of detecting such work. Unless a writer is making many mistakes, there is no way that an instructor will even spot work. One caution; make sure that if you ask for help, do so at the beginning of the course. If you have average writing skills, then elect to wait until the last paper and the final exam to seek assistance, you may be sniffed out of the hole.

Another way that a student can complete their academic projects without spending a ton of money and not learning anything in the process is to write their own paper, then pay another freelance writer or a writing service company to revise their work. This way, you have an original paper that was written using your writing style and perceptions, but needing just some revisions to bring it up to speed. Writing service companies have freelance writers that are capable of editing work, cleaning up a project, then helping a student understand their mistakes.

As time progresses on, I will write more articles focusing on writing strategies and techniques, which are sure to students produce quality academic work. I would like to touch on how to improve interest in dreadful courses. Students that enjoy a course still have problems with preparing academic papers. I have heard gripes about not wanting to do work because a course was boring and instructors don’t take into account a life beyond college – over assigning work. Essentially, the more a person writes, the better their writing skills become. They will also understand the citing guidelines and feel the benefits of receiving good feedback and grades.

After earning multiple colleges degrees, I eventually learned to become a better writer through staying up many long nights and well into the late morning to write. Taking on many projects, blogs, e-mails, and other various forms of writing transformed my average academic skills into something better. I used to only focus on what I liked most - screenwriting and creative writing - into trying to master many diverse subjects. I am familiar with many historical events, dates, and what took place in them.

The average person will not going to discuss Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) or the Revolutions in 1849 in Europe. They may not even know who was the President during the Plessy case and why they didn't intervene and reverse such a ruling. I covered a broad range of assignments, which improved my knowledge, helped me gain a cognitive perception, and also equipped me writing skills that allowed me to prepare papers on the fly - writing, citing, and packaging an academic paper, custom to the client.

Writing takes patience, discipline, time management, and interest. As a writer, a person has to make a sacrifice to complete assignments. Take the projects seriously because they will give you valuable experience. Reading is also an important process in the writing process. While I was an undergraduate, I never had the time to read, which influenced my ability to write with the efficiency that I was capable of and had the potential to do with each given assignment.

In the last few years, I combined book knowledge, college experience, and high volume writing to evolve my writing abilities. Don't worry too much of plagiarism. If a student understands citing guidelines, then they should just focus on writing quality papers. Don’t let the plagiarism muddle crowd your ears.

Writing service companies such as Freelancewritingcenter.com are good for writers. The freelance company also caters to students that need quality papers. If a student needs a quick paper, they have the option to consult a custom writer ready to make that happen. Writing companies are not as bad as students make them out to be. There are some out there that may have a bad reputation, but dream essays have been helpful with producing quality projects.

Customers that hear another complaining about their favorite restaurants are not going to abandon them because of contrasting experiences. Students have to take initiative in wanting to do well in a course. There are deeper reasons as to why students procrastinate on assignments. I will write some articles on how to avoid procrastination and ways to improve time management.

For now, be confident about your writing abilities. There is no need to try to be perfect because the best writing is in the revision process. Flush out your ideas; work on structuring and revising them to produce a strong final draft. Any students having problems have the ability to use writing companies such as dream essays. Check out some of the blogs on Word Press. Search through my article archives, in addition to some of the advertisements that have quality writing companies and networks.

Good luck on writing!

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