Monday, August 17, 2009

Writing Tip for the day 8/17/2009

Choose your writing environment wisely. When you experience writer's block or just lose interest in writing, take your work with you on the road. Go to the beach, a cool college, a cafe, a library, bookstore, and any other place that makes you want to write.

Changing scenery from time-to-time will excite you to write. Forcing yourself to write in the same environment can adversely impact your writing. Visit a new place. Take your laptop, a book, a writing pad, a nice pen, and other supplies with you to a new environment.

It really depends on where you live. There are always places that you can go. Give yourself a break from routine locations. People go on trips to escape work. Writers should go to a new place to renew and rejuvenate the writing process.

Traveling to a new place may lead to a story. Try to take advantage of going outside of your routine space. In screenwriting, a writer has to change the setting. Be like your characters. Make it a point to leave your comfort zone to explore a new environment.

Have fun exploring!

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