Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/28/09

The writing tip for the day is to write in the first person. Write a short story using "I, we, me". Writing the first person will help people master e-mails, letters, and journal pieces. First person is the most common form of everyday writing.

Authors have the luxury of using either the first person in autobiographies or take on third person in dealing with biographies. Screenwriters only use the first person in developing dialogue. Visuals are to written in the third person.

Millions of web surfers are familiar with the first person; they write e-mails, leave comments, take part in discussions, and engage in other processes. Text messaging is highly dependent on first person writing.

Improving first person writing skills will keep a writer in sync with expressing thoughts, personal perception, and in responding to questions.

Write a creative story using the first person - remember to use a combination of "I, we, me".

Have fun writing in the first person.

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