Saturday, August 29, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/29/09

The writing tips for the day is to write in the second person. Second person writing is considered formal communication. Students and respective writers should second person in the way they communicate with another person. Why is second person writing important to students and writers?

Second person writing communicates with an audience. Having effective communication skills are vital to being successful in any social environment. Second person writing can also be used for instructional purposes.

An instructor writes a syllabus in the second person. Their main intent to communicate what is expected of each student within the class - a set of rules and guidelines.

Sample second person sentence: Students are urged to complete assigned article responses before the due date.

Screenwriters can use the second person when writing dialogue. The action will always be in the third person. Actor directions - in parenthetical under name - are given as an command; they model second person writing. An "insert" of a letter containing a set of rules can be considered second person writing.

Second person writing relies on a writer to communicate, instruct, and to guide an audience. Cookbooks, instruction manuals, and workplace rules are all written in the second person.

Try writing a "how to" or a set of guidelines using the second person. Use a direct style of second person to communicate, which suggests writing with confidence.

Have fun writing in the second person.

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