Friday, August 28, 2009

AT&T Referral Code for U-Verse, Wireless, Home phone, and High Speed Internet

Follow the steps below when signing up for At&T service. If you do, you will make money and have future referrals from two companies.


(Enter the above link into your address window. It will take you to Coupon Cactus. Once you go there, open up a free account.)

2. After you've signed up, look for the At&t account offers. Click on the offer you want. (They will usually offer a cash back amount.)

3. You will then be directed to the At&t website. Cactus knows that you're there, so you'll get credit. (Cookies). Sign up for the offer you like best on At&t.

4. You will confirm a date to have service installation.

5. Write down the account number.

6. go to this website -

7. Enter "Your Referral Code," which is ZZ1020229.

8. Fill out form.

9. Put your account number either on the right side or a new phone number on the left.

10. After you follow these steps, you activated the referral. Make sure to request some referral material for yourself. Click on the bubble that mentions it.

11. After you follow all of these steps, you will receive a rebate from AT&T, one from Cactus will apply to your account in 4 weeks, and you will be able to start referring others to purchase AT&T service.

The same applies for the Coupon Cactus website - very cool website that you can make money. Check out my article on the website.

Good luck. Please leave a comment if you need help.

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