Friday, August 28, 2009

Ways to make money on things you already purchase: Coupon Cactus
(just in case you don't want to read the article I prepared about the website)

I just ordered AT&T cable and high speed. Instead of starting off at the site, I went through a really cool site. It's free to sign up. You can make money through making the usual purchases that you make, and with referring other people as well. There are coupons for Target, At&t, and other popular website.

Once I refer you, then you can refer others afterward. You'll go through the website, which will recognize your link, and then take you to, or other websites such as AT&T. Why not make some cash going through the website?

You will make some money doing what you already do, which I think is a great deal. There are deals for a bundle of companies. I only found the website because I was looking for a deal on my new cable and high purchase.

The website pays you through PayPal or can mail a check to you after you reach $10. If you're proactive, you will make far more than that amount. Trust me, as a blogger and as a person that write to help others, this website is legit. Good luck and have fun shopping, and earning money.

Remember, after I refer you, then spread the word around to refer others too. This is a commission based, and also a money back offer for making purchases through starting from the website, which will then reroute you to the website you're going to make a purchase afterward.

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