Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing Tip for the Day 8/23/2009

The writing tip for the day is to check out a good screenplay at the local library. I would recommend purchasing one at either Barnes & Noble or Borders. Screenwriters know that it's wise to read other work, not to imitate style, but to learn different techniques which can used in the process of writing a quality screenplay.

Make sure you spend a little time sifting through the pages. Imagine the scenes as if you were the actor moving within them. Hear dialogue echo in your ears, softly beating on your eardrums. Close your eyes for one second - allow the script to take you into the pages, to an imaginary world that travels beyond the theater, the written words, and past the characters.

The moment you can feel, see, and can imagine yourself in a screenplay is when you have found enlightenment with being a screenwriter. In the past, I used to just write words and complete the projects.

Now when I write, I feel the words, hear the voices, and have the ability to imagine the images as if they are real. That's what you have to do with any type of writing. Step into the shoes of the character or speak with a powerful tone - like a narrator.

Pick up a screenplay and feel the power of visual, action, and dialogue.

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