Saturday, August 22, 2009

Writing tip for the day 8/22/2009

The writing tip for the day is to write dialogue that realistically speaks. The best way to improve dialogue is to visit a busy place to listen to random conversations - do so in a conventional matter so you don't act as if you are trying to Eve's Drop. When you listen to people talk, you get real dialogue.

Writers make the mistake of writing dialogue for the studios and publishers. Of course it is important to respect the studios because they do finance projects. The impact of poor dialogue in a screenplay and or a book can be damaging and irreversible.

Many writers make the mistake of trying to please others with generic dialogue. Their idea of dialogue is writing catchy phrases that end up sounding like a staged dialogue driven piece. Attracting audiences with good dialogue is as simple as hearing everyday conversations.

Sure, Hollywood dialogue may work for the time-being, but after each project, a writer's originality will go up in smoke. Writers are then only a mirror that reflects on what others want instead what they're capable of and have the ability to do.

Writing good dialogue start with a voice other then your own. Lunchtime chatter is best for dialogue piece. Another good way is to take part in text message and online chatting binges - start a Twitter account.

Twitter is perfect for writing dialogue. People use phrases that are cool and sensual. Ashton Kutcher recently used a catchy dialogue phrase, "this is a bitch'n video". Now that some good dialogue.

Take a pen, a notepad, and venture off. Record some good dialogue - it doesn't have to be accurate. Review the dialogue later, making some changes to past written work. You get the point; write realistic dialogue.

Have fun inventing conversations - write dialogue that is clever and witty.

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