Friday, August 21, 2009

Writing tip of the day 8/21/2009

The writing tip of the day is to listen to music while you're writing. Find music that has the same theme as the story you're writing. Think of yourself as an imaginary composer, but keep from identifying the music in both a screenplay or a novel. Just use music as a way to help you visualize the scenes, and to spark some good dialogue.

Music has the tendency to soothe the mind, which helps a writer clear their thoughts. Exploring the subconscious mind fuels indirect writing, one that is no so dependent on obvious scenes, but builds on internal motivation. Essentially, making the audience or readers think about what is going on within a story will retain their interest.

Choose the music wisely because you will have to befriend it throughout the writing process. Rap music goes well with action flicks. 80's music fits well with high school films. Eerie sounds work set the theme for horror classics. Listen to music that sets the tone for your story.

The main purpose in listening to music is to get into the writing rhythm. A writer has to feast off of the possibilities, using music as a tool to inject into the scenes. If you're writing a screenplay, avoid naming a particular song. That is both the director and composer's responsibility to develop music that compliments the film. It is acceptable to identify the type of music.

A novelist has more freedom to act as the sole author their work. Listen to music that sparks the five senses. Draw the reader into the story, gripping them from beginning ot end. Listening to music also keeps the mind from wandering off.

Pick some good music that fits the story; listen to the tunes to give you another inspiring voice or tune to motivate the writing process.
Find some music that fits your story.

Listen to some good tunes and write with rhythm.

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