Monday, August 24, 2009

Writing tip of the day 8/24/2009

The writing tip for the day is to write in the third person. If you are a current student, this should be easy - APA requires third person writing. The best strategy to writing in the third person is to see yourself as the narrator - the voice guiding the story.

Academic work, screenwriting, medical research studies, and any other form of writing has the ability to grow with exploring the third person. The third person has the ability to deliver a strong sense of excitement, adding a mystique - an extra layer, which is sure to inject life into the writing.

Haven't you noticed the influence of third person writing? Reading any such work featuring the use of third person will make one feel respect for the writing, knowing that eluding "I," "we," and "me" can be a challenging task.

Try and use "entity" to make reference to a particular group or person. It really really helps to be effective in mastering third person writing because many professional and education forums depend on analysis to capture an audience.

Take some time to write in the third person. Write a short story. Write as if you are watching the characters from sky. Identify them, as being the narrator in which guides the characters, creates the action, makes the smells, and creates a taste.

Enjoy writing in the third person.

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